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European furniture company: how Europe type furniture collocation? How to decorate?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-18
Today, the small make up of Europe type furniture company is to explain to you, how do European furniture decoration. First set furniture to decorate many habits, first choose decorate a company, then later an ornament. In fact, if you want to choose Europe type furniture, best set furniture first, then do the decoration. Early owners demand pick my favorite furniture, and then according to the characteristic of furniture to decorate, selection and the colour of furniture with color as the main tonal, on the basis of appropriate increase soft contrasting colors may deserve to act the role of middle, talents construction of elegance mixed air. If do decorate, may occur late and furniture don't match, the condition of disharmony. When it comes to Europe type personality, many people will want to decorate demand use marble ornament and messy the metope of condole top, heavy and complicated disposal disposal of clutter. Actually, picked out the Europe type furniture, decorate is not equal to 'struggle'. Brief can build gesso line and wallpaper pure european-style decoration personality. If the room is fine decoration room, small owner, namely in the one side wall of the sitting room USES color and furniture photograph of wallpaper. When decorate, use gesso line or wood to make the shapes of round, arc, perhaps use wallpaper construction harmonious feelings, perhaps even line don't have to do, only near the ceiling with a with furniture color wood can also building European character. Status of the role of Europe type furniture usually scale is larger, more momentum is put in a large house, but many selected house looks although gorgeous, but not affectionate, short and sweet feeling of home. Professor have also conducted a 'consultation'. 'Such a big house shortage of harmony and exquisite feeling, only the furniture stack. 'Li-ping hao indicated that if it is a big house to pick european-style furniture, can fully use the space of the house, such as carry empty, use of lamp act the role ofing, rock construction, such as air. In addition, the furniture should be of primary and secondary points, complete zoning: such as bedroom sweet feeling, the sitting room on imposing manner, and so on. In addition, you can mix some more white fresh flowers, let the home more warm and affectionate. Broadness amounts to LouQing tree ornament designers think that, because the scale is big, and if the house area is too small, can make the space appears more short, and a little bit similar to 'small head wear a big hat', can let a person feel very uncomfortable. However, this does not mean small house must not use. Li-ping hao analysis, and if the house covers an area of 90 square metre, can be based on the model characteristics, to select a new classic or relatively simple furniture, blending with the streamlined modern furniture. Under the same quality is best, choose have the furniture of different material combination, can be reached to expand the visual area of effect. Wallpaper can also use some brief lines, make the house show high, more open. Choose a few dot eyeball ornament, such as crystal, coloured glaze can brighten the whole space. Of course, if room area is small, do not apply. Well that is the small make up of Europe type furniture, to explain about the Europe type furniture, questions about how European furniture decoration, hope can bring you help.
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