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European furniture commonly used wood ( On)

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-03
European furniture small make up today want to introduce a friend to, Europe type furniture is the most commonly used wood and the advantages of the wood. A, Korean pine: European furniture material is qualitative soft, moderate strength, good drying, water resistance, corrosion, good processing, painting, coloring, cementation. White pine: European furniture material is qualitative soft, rich flexibility, uniform structure and detailed, dry well, water resistance, corrosion, machining, painting, coloring cementation. White pine is higher than the intensity of Korean pine. Three, mahogany: widely division in the tropical forest, lumber itself has a smell. In America and Europe, mahogany was seen as a furniture, cabinet manufacturing imports of advanced materials. As a piece of zhou, mahogany not in very good physical properties, it is these characteristics, get around favorite craftsmen. Advantages of woodiness is hard, easy to processing pattern and European furniture carving supplement each other strong resistance to corrosion, good at preserving. Four, birch, material is qualitative slightly hard, fine structure, strength, good processability, paint, glue. Five, paulownia: material is very soft, coarse structure, cut water surface is not smooth, dry well, don't become warped crack. 。 Six, basswood, material is qualitative slightly soft, the structure is slightly thin, silk luster, not easy craze, machining, painting, coloring, good cementing. Not be able to bear or endure corrupt, dry slightly warp. Seven, northeast China ash, material is qualitative slightly hard, decorative pattern beauty, coarse structure, easy processing, tenacity is big, good paint, glue, dry. Eight, oak wood, qualitative hard, coarse structure, high intensity, processing difficulties, coloring, painting and poor glue and easy to dry, easy to crack. Ok that is used by small make up to bring about Europe type furniture wood species and advantages, hope can help to purchase of Europe type furniture to you.
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