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European furniture commonly used wood is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-21
Small make up today to give you a simple introduction of the commonly used wood furniture of Europe type style, good donate said hurriedly began to the body. A hard, ju wood material, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resisting luster dry not easy deformation, machining, coating and glue is better. Second, maple medium weight, fine structure, easy processing, cutting face is smooth, paint, glue sex good, dry warping phenomenon. Three, camphorwood jiangnan provinces in China, and fujian province is rich in Taiwan. Breadth of larger diameter, material, decorative pattern beauty, especially a strong fragrance, can make the bug away. Camphorwood boxes of famous Chinese and foreign in China, including suitcase, lying box ( Royal apparel box) , such as the top ark varieties. Four, willow material is moderate, the structure is slightly thick, easy processing, good cementing and coating properties. A bit dry crack and warp. With willow made of plywood is called the Philippine plate. More than five, hua limu hard material, texture, structure of medium, decay resistance, not easy to dry, the cutting face smooth, paint, glue sex is good. Well above is small make up for everybody introduction, what about European furniture wood of introduction, hope this article can bring you some help.
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