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European furniture closet is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-04
Now follow the people life quality to seek more, many people will choose Europe type style, decorate the home decorate a kind of exotic fashionable style. And in order to foil and European style, its furniture also can choose the furniture of ou shi to decorate bridal chamber, the chest is the same, there are several kinds of style, european-style wardrobe like classical european-style wardrobe, pastoral european-style wardrobe, fine european-style wardrobe and new classical european-style wardrobe, each style wardrobe has unique features, then let us know together. Rural european-style wardrobe young gens often prefer modern european-style wardrobe, light color fastens the ubiquitous embodies a kind of fashionable and comfortable. Rural bouquet of white european-style wardrobe, not the rest of the design, the line is very concise, atmospheric fine about the hollow out of the plan and make the whole wardrobe presents a different fashionable smell, white color is very bright and easy, a kind of open, quiet and comfortable feeling to the bedroom. Essence about european-style wardrobe about european-style wardrobe used the main elements of classical european-style wardrobe, into the modern elements. European-style wardrobe is not just a luxury atmosphere, more comfortable and romantic. After a perfect standard line, JingDiaoXiLou detail processing, bring home number not comfortable tactility, high harmonic is, in effect, european-style wardrobe. New classical european-style neo-classical European chest chest style is the style of European classical furniture and modern furniture style, slam the door too messy carved and decorated, simplify the line, joined the straight line of modern style and practical, make the chest became more variety of looks. It has classical curve and curved surface, there is no classical wardrobe the carve patterns or designs on woodwork of heavy and complicated, with a hard straight lines with wen wan soft decoration makes the chest is more spiritual, like that of and with a strong smell of the aristocracy, there is a kind of the feeling that find everything new and fresh.
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