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European furniture cleaning tips

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-28
Don't dismiss these common things in life, used for household cleaning and maintenance is leverage effect. Today the small make up for all of Europe type furniture finishing the decontamination of six furniture coup, convenient and practical, and see it together. Egg white cleaning method, the time is long, the home of white leather sofa in a few places especially stubborn dirt, let a person have a headache. At this time, you can take a suitable amount of egg white, dip in with cotton, repeatedly wipe the surface of leather sofa leather products such as a dirty place. This method is used in leather goods clean particularly effective, and has certain polishing effect in the egg white, after using leather will present the original luster. Toothpaste cleaning method of white paint on the surface of the furniture, long will become yellow, it seems not very fresh. Can dip in with dishcloth toothpaste or tooth powder brush try and paint colors can be friction, lest wipe off the paint, furniture surface, in addition the furniture with dust, do not use a feather duster, brushed brush for flying dust will fall on the furniture. Should use the dry and wet dishcloth erased the dust on the furniture, such ability can wipe clean. Milk with a clean piece of cloth cleaning method dip in overdue can't drink milk, and then use cloth to wipe the table such as wooden furniture, remove dirt effect is very good. And then use water to clean again, applicable to a variety of furniture. Well above the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, brought about these common things in life can also be used to clean the introduction of European style furniture, hope this article can bring you some help.
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