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European furniture cleaning and maintenance

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-01
Most friends in after buying the Europe type furniture will face a problem, that is how to clean and maintain the furniture of Europe type style, but we don't have to worry about oh, today small make up I will explain it to friends, how to clean and maintain european-style furniture, want to learn friend please take good notes. ​ A, avoid sun: Europe type furniture to avoid sun exposure, this is very important, should pay attention to when they are placed in the European furniture try not to let cold or heat in Europe type furniture items, organic items can not be solution on the surface, it will affect the service life of the wardrobe, Europe type furniture maintenance at the same time, try not to put Europe type furniture in the place near the window. Cleaning: European furniture maintenance should pay attention to clean this is one of the key, for ms have stains on furniture, in cleaning the closet with feather duster like soft cleaning utensils gently sweeping appearance of dust things off, again with a soft cloth to wipe gently, Europe type furniture maintenance can use a little water gently wipe, also need a cabinet put oneself in another's position inside the clean regularly. Care: European furniture maintain surface has the hardware ornament, only use cloth to wipe gently, be sure to keep in mind with detergents containing the chemicals to clean, especially the acid liquid, it makes hardware accessories oxidation, there will be rub off, if it was very difficult to remove the surface of the gold plated black spots, can use kerosene after wiping, then clean with clear water. Well above is about, small make up to introduce the steps and methods for the Europe type furniture cleaning and maintenance of relegation, hope this article can help to those who can't maintain the means of furniture's friend.
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