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Europe type sofa maintenance method is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-11
Europe type sofa is comfortable texture and elegant temperament, loved by young master. Depressed, no cloth art sofa skin sister so smooth, so you need to master often care. Europe type sofa is not only afraid of besmirch, more afraid of dust, but we don't have to worry about today, the music from the furniture city small make up five maintenance features, small make up hope this article can bring you some help. ​ Buy 1 stain, afraid of Europe type sofa back home, about you suggest you had better get a cloth of cleaning agent, oil and water adsorption from dirt. Cloth art sofa appear stains can be used after sofa or dedicated carpet cleaner, with a clean white cloth dipped in a small amount of potions, wiped repeatedly in dirty place, until the stain removal. When wiping, had better wipe from besmirch periphery case, do not scrub with water in great quantities, in order to avoid water seeping into the sofa lining, cause inside the sofa frame be affected with damp be affected with damp and deformation, cause mould easily. 2, afraid of dust flap with dry towel on a regular basis, remove the dust, use a wet towel to wipe cloth again. If there is a vacuum cleaner, home to avoid brush with suction, in case of damage a knit line and become fleeciness textile line. At the same time, also want to avoid heavy use suction to suck, in case the knit line was broke. About your advice you to vacuum cleaner fitted with flat head, adjust attraction in the strong when using, of all the dust in the sofa in the thin seam finish. 3, afraid of wear-resisting degree is inferior to wear Europe type sofa leather art sofa, don't always sat in the same position as far as possible. If found loose thread or the bulb, don't break it with the hand, and to cut it with scissors neatly. If Europe type sofa cushion can turn over, or so it is recommended that you turn once a week, so can wear uniform distribution. 4, afraid of sunshine cloth art sofa cloth to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, ultraviolet rays will make fabric fiber lose elasticity, become brittle and fade. 5, I want to ironing and dry cleaning before ironing should pay attention to some elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, the appearance of the fabric should consider when ironing, iron sheathed inside is better. The dry cleaning of cotton to please people, to prevent shrinkage deformation. If you understand Europe type sofa, can good care Europe type sofa, the sofa will be more beautiful and gentle. So, Europe type furniture sofa can bring more joy and happiness to your home oh.
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