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Europe type furniture: wooden furniture formaldehyde export enterprises take lightly

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

recently, xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang an enterprise in the production of wooden bathroom cabinet met a & other; Tough & throughout; : European style furniture, European furniture brands from upstream plank, E1 plate to xiaoshan inspection and quarantine inspection found that the board didn't reach E1 standard, but a low level of E2 board ( E1 and E2 is refers to the environmental protection standard of formaldehyde to release a limited level) 。

“; Our products are mainly sold to European countries, customer demand for sheet is quite high. french country furniture, french country furniture brand with the board that does not conform to the requirements will bring to the company a great economic loss. ” , head of the company about the lucky to avoid the loss, but in the heart, can't help wondering: is not the first time the cooperation of the upstream manufacturers, how can so suddenly?

formaldehyde exceeds bid badly

similarly, xiaoshan district, there are other wooden furniture enterprises encountered the same problem. Because of the price hike in raw materials range is larger, some enterprises in order to reduce the production cost, by the level of E2 board instead of E1 plate, and using the enterprise because of the lack of effective means of validation, to evaluate blindly into raw materials by the supplier of the so-called qualified guarantee, the export enterprise production of wooden furniture formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed bid.

furniture export of xiaoshan whole export proportion of 8. 3%. The main products for the bathroom cabinets, office furniture, and wood, etc. , mainly export to the United States, France, Spain, Australia and other countries and regions.

and many other export industry, the rising costs make furniture export profit more and more thin. Not only to the face of rising labor costs and other problems, European and American market appear constantly & other Rules & throughout; Which directly affected the export of Chinese furniture. From xiaoshan bureau sampling inspection results of export wooden furniture, wooden furniture formaldehyde to exceed bid problem is more serious.

export & other; Compounding & throughout;

in addition to the manufacturer's malicious replace plank, xiaoshan some wooden furniture export enterprises affected by trade country, ignore the control of poisonous and harmful material. Xiaoshan bureau officials said, some enterprises exporter is mainly the Middle East countries, its quality requirement of wooden furniture is not high, only the pursuit of the style of the novel and the price is low, resulting in production enterprise does not pay attention to poisonous and harmful material control of raw materials.

of course, the overseas technical trade measures on wooden furniture exports may also be affected. Recently, continuous new laws and regulations, such as Europe and the United States once again raise the wood products import threshold, the Chinese wood products export & other; Compounding & throughout; 。 In march this year the European Union to lumber and wood began to implement the FSC forest certification, after the end of may, the EPA EPA and two proposed regulations to improve the import of wood products environmental protection standard.

in the case of particle board, the formaldehyde release a quantity to request Chinese standard 1000 times higher than that of whole. And after a preliminary assessment, if according to the new standard production, the cost of man-made board is expected to increase 30% to 50%, with man-made board base material of wooden furniture cost will be increased by 15% to 20%.

integrity national supervision,

how to effectively control plate formaldehyde release a quantity, so as to improve the quality level of jurisdiction export wood furniture?

xiaoshan office suggested, violation behavior of shoddy, true is testified, handled in accordance with the law; Cause serious quality issue to production because of violate the rules and problems of the enterprise for exposure, if the circumstances are especially serious to be included in the blacklist, publish on the Internet and media, let the whole society supervision.

xiaoshan bureau relevant personage thinks, better play to the role of the industry association, establish enterprise quality credit archives is a very effective method. Found unqualified product quality enterprises, for example, to register and go into the enterprise archives, up to a certain number of times will be relegated to the enterprise or suspend production such as punishment, establish corresponding quality responsibility system. At the same time, establish the risk early warning mechanism, timely communicate related to enterprise early warning information.

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