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Europe type furniture with what floor with European furniture color taboo

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-15
The appearance of Europe type furniture has been fine with luxuriant, contracted, height, different style to attract the attention of many people, for many customers are very satisfied. So ou shijia is provided and the collocation of floor, we also need to make great efforts one time, let's learn about the together, Europe type furniture with what floor and match Europe type furniture color taboo. Europe type furniture with what floor 1, european-style furniture, we are going to need to choose what style floor to match it, make whole household look will become more harmonious and beautiful, so we choose collocation warm sweet floor, had better choose a bright color. If Europe type furniture is tie-in cool color, the color of the floor tile is the best light, cream-colored is a plus. 2, now a lot of people in health but very the attention, decorate color shallow floor commonly, if the color is deep floor dirty look not to come out, can make people feel uncomfortable and awkward. Color color I think wood is much better, in fact, it had better choose a low profile, it is a good color match after three months will turn a blind eye, instead of one thousand poor collocation, the decades live uncomfortable. 3, european-style furniture still can match the wooden floor of light color series, because a european-style furniture of choose and buy has many limitations, and then the light color floor in the bedroom can make the space appears capacious and bright. Cream color too much, now many customers are first selected furniture decoration style, had better use in the tie-in space with furniture with color as the main tonal, the color on the basis of the appropriate add soft contrast color or the color in the middle of the accessories, to create a harmonious atmosphere of elegant. With Europe type furniture color taboo 1, now the use of Europe type furniture are fashion, so, we should pay attention to when we matched in household taboo deserve to act the role of improper use. To make Europe type furniture sends out its charm, completely without deserve to act the role of the foil effect, wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, hang a picture, floor, the use of home textile products should be proper. Lamps and lanterns is rounded lines, the light is downy, modelling is the lamp of iron art branch of of primitive simplicity is preferred, hang a picture part, the frame will not match the thick. 2, and we must pay attention to when using European style furniture, and some of the items on the bed curtain in the home, metope, etc. , shall be conducted in fastidious on collocation, so as to strengthen their coordination degree. Might as well use of tassel, lace for decoration, the ground must be laying carpet, choose design and color is relatively peaceful, avoid by all means is too fancy. Wallpaper can choose to have a heavy and complicated patterns, art stripe, floral design or has a story and characters.
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