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Europe type furniture: why Europe type furniture popular with the masses of the Chinese

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-01
Today's Europe type furniture small make up to introduce to you, why the furniture of Europe type style is so popular in China, well don't say these let everyone follow the small make up of Europe type furniture I learn together. A new generation of consumers because of the network without boundary and the popularity of network tools, make a further understanding about the cognition to the European and American culture. We made analysis to Chinese college students as an object of reading, reading abroad during the reading classics quantity than Chinese native literary classics quantity more students, even more than a third. Visible, a new generation of consumers more eager to put the view out, more willing to accept the foreign culture essence. While the American furniture also is one of the organization part of the European and American culture. A, cultural exchange and blend. With the reform and opening China's external window open, the younger generation is beginning to understand the European and American culture, in the understanding of European and American culture at the same time, to Europe and the United States things are beginning to receive and accept. Second, China's economic rise, people demand for higher quality of life. Furniture is no longer stay on the sturdy the use value of phase, a new generation of people's demand for furniture, have use value to composite demand of aesthetic value and life style. Third, the pursuit of noble life culture. Believe in the ranking of Chinese culture, the European culture in addition to the pursuit of civilization and democratic life, is also the birthplace of aristocratic life. Noble life in addition to wealth and status, but also a high demand for quality and self-cultivation. Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture, introduction about why popular european-style furniture, hope can bring you help.
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