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Europe type furniture: what need to pay attention to when buying furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-17
European furniture small make up believe you must have bought furniture experience, everyone pay attention to when buying furniture which important indicator? Small make up the problem in detail you sure have a lot of answers, but the answer to all there will be a little different this is understandable, so in order to make everyone become unified in opinion when buying furniture, European furniture below small make up to introduce you to three matters need to pay attention to choose furniture, want to learn friends can take notes about the oh. A, bedroom furniture choice ark: bedside table should be clean, practical, not only can put desk lamp, frame or floret bottle, also can let you in bed can easily take put any items you need. Bedside table counter to enough to put a desk lamp and an alarm clock, a few books and glasses, cups and other common items. Choice with drawers, the bedside table, partition your book and glasses when not in use can be conveniently put in a drawer, with messy 'a sweep light, looks more clean and tidy. Maintain a clean and tidy desktop, one thousand tea accidentally spilled, also easy to do. Two kitchen cabinet design, choice of kitchen furniture market is differ, in color, design, modelling, style is very big change. U-shaped cabinets and one glyph cabinet is suitable for different size of the kitchen, on choosing ambry colour, of course, also want to combine the kitchen decorate a style to choose. 3. Option 1 living room furniture. Sofa choice for living city, used to the hustle and bustle of modern city, Mediterranean style furniture accord with the requirement of people to the nature and higher quality of life. Especially for young people, the colour of the Mediterranean style, style of pure and fresh, with young people like the feeling of leisure. 2. Tea table choice considering depth of colour and lustre: metal collocation glass tea table can give a person with bright feeling, enlarge the visual effect of space; And composed, deep dark wooden table, is suitable for larger classical space. Four. Against the choice if it is using the corner and the bar bar, operating space need at least 90 cm. If set in single stage, so highly to 110 centimeters, double bar should be around 80 cm and 110 cm, during which the gap must be at least 25 cm. In general, the bar minimum sink must also be in more than 60 cm, operation table in 80 centimeters, the other can according to individual needs to measure. Buy water tank, flat bottom tank of choose and buy, best placed the cup, so don't dump or crashed, and sink depth best in more than 20 cm, so we can avoid splash. Well above is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, about the need to pay attention to when furniture of choose and buy, the interpretation of what hope this article can bring you some help.
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