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Europe type furniture: what are the characteristics of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-30
Many things has its unique characteristics, of course also include european-style furniture, many people are asking me what are the characteristics of European furniture, at that time, I did not answer, but I can give to answer today, good nonsense not say below please follow Europe type furniture small make up to introduce to you, Europe type furniture has the characteristics of those. Europe type furniture: preference bright-coloured color is especially 'baroque furniture color is very strong,' there is gold, with gold plated or gold leaf to decorate, look magnificent. The rococo furniture colour is soft, cream-colored, white as the main color of decorative pattern design, colour is to warm color department, 'new classic furniture' as the original wood color. Europe type furniture: exquisite decoration 'classical' or 'new classic furniture', often can see all kinds of embroidery fabrics, tassels, rivets and other decorations. Europe type furniture: the line is complex, pay attention to the carver 'baroque furniture' and 'rococo furniture' and so on several kinds of classification, these are all can represent the style of Europe type furniture. Pays attention to this kind of Europe type furniture lines and carver, line is more complex, carver, the more fine, furniture is more more delicate and beautiful, but to achieve graceful and carver delicate degree, the greater the human cost of what it needs, it also suggests that the price of the furniture will be higher, this is the important reason for the furniture price is high. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, about the characteristics of Europe type furniture, hope can bring you some help.
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