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Europe type furniture: what are the characteristics of Chinese classic furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-12
Chinese classic furniture collectable old furniture, mainly refers to the five centuries from Ming dynasty to qing dynasty furniture, this period is the peak of Chinese traditional furniture production era, is the modern technology workers inherited since the Ming and qing dynasty furniture manufacture craft production of Chinese style classic furniture, what about the characteristics of Chinese classical furniture has these topics by the small make up of Europe type furniture to explain for everybody. Features a european-style furniture, classical Chinese style furniture: texture on select material is very exquisite elegant classical Chinese style furniture, and often make full use of the texture characteristics of the original, natural beauty of the mining lumber itself. Craftsmen in using these materials for making furniture, often undertake no longer covered type of surface finishing, but with the methods of wax, oil on, make the grain of lumber itself, tonal fully revealed. Europe type furniture, Chinese classical furniture features two: sophisticated technology of classical Chinese style furniture structure design, is a good combination of science and design. The connecting way of Chinese classical furniture is the most typical is the most scientific mortise and tenon joint structure. A lot of furniture almost without a nail, its structure has little effect on the humidity of the air. In the joint of span between larger components, often set plate in his teeth, teeth, mouth, coupons mouth, short and old, overlord Cheng, an Cheng, clip, etc. , already beautiful, and strengthens robustness. European style furniture, Chinese classical furniture features three: structured strict proportion relationship is the foundation of Chinese classical furniture modelling. Typical Chinese style furniture in proportion to the local and the overall relationship, design and structure of the form are extremely well-balanced and coordination. Europe type furniture, Chinese classical furniture features four: reasonable decorate after one thousand years of development, Chinese furniture artist has accumulated lots of experience in decoration, decoration techniques also reached a very high level, in terms of decoration techniques, set, embedded, carving, ornamental, tracing, omnipotent. On a piece of furniture in concrete, however, never because the material technique various and random or chest-beating may decorate, but local adornment obedience overall, with foil overall concise beauty, be the icing on the cake. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, about the interpretation of Chinese classical furniture characteristics, hope can give those who love classical Chinese style furniture friend some chance to get to know a classical Chinese style furniture.
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