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Europe type furniture: what are the characteristics of American furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-21
American furniture is a kind of European style collection of native American culture and custom furniture. The characteristics of American furniture is striking, and contains the following important elements, these elements made from European furniture and American furniture has its distinctive features, so these elements are what? Don't try so hard, today small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you what are the characteristics of American furniture. A, one of the characteristics of American furniture: comfort often mention 'American furniture', the first impression of people, often will think of Hollywood movies, americans often patted her dining table, or said, pointing to the dresser is proudly: 'this is great grandmother left me. Home is the place where we are going to spend a lifetime, comfortable and practical should be preferred; And 'American furniture' is definitely can be a rare classic passed on to the next generation of high-quality goods. Most people's first impression of American furniture intuitive is large, thick, comfortable. Indeed, comfortable is the primary factor in the American furniture, when americans buy bed and sofa, used to sit on it personally experience the comfort. A lot of people know that American is pay attention to the 'slow life', optional, nostalgic, romantic and respect their time, know how to enjoy life, and spare no effort to create the 'lazy' way of life. So, 'American furniture' naturally assume the shape of relaxed and comfortable and to maintain the role of nostalgia. Two, the characteristics of American furniture # 2: an immigrant country, inclusive due to the history of American immigration from various countries of Europe, its furniture also contains elements from all countries of Europe, with Britain's classical queen Anne, have the mission of modern Britain sent element, also have Louis xiv of France's baroque, rococo style of Louis xv, Louis xvi neoclassical style, and Germany, Italy, Spain's elements. So these elements, and finally to blend in the United States won. Three, the characteristics of American furniture # 3: common 'American furniture' became popular in the 1930 s, from the late Renaissance European countries brought about by the way of life of migrants, flowing details of all the English, French, Italian classical furniture such as blood. In the meantime, 'American furniture' is very fashionable, it abandoned the baroque and rococo style of flashy and heavy and complicated, abandoned the only royal family have the ability to consumption of glittering gold and silver, emphasized the unique cultural connotation, pay attention to the line of concise, clear and elegant decoration, choose natural solid wood materials, and the sculpture of 'European furniture' attention to detail, but not too good, pay more attention to furniture of practicality, both functional and decorative in one. Elegant and noble, is permeated with respect and recognition of past time, real common European royal furniture. Four, four of the characteristics of American furniture: practical American furniture USES fine wood, tend to be thick, solid, durable. A general American furniture can be used for several decades, hundreds of years, my grandfather used to the father, father to son. Families in the United States, if you have a grandmother used furniture, will be put in the home is the most eye-catching position, for americans, this is a kind of pride. And, less American furniture of Europe type furniture glittering, gold silver, has kept its broad, comfortable, more practical. And American furniture is practical in his, because American furniture volume is bigger, so more convenient to apply, and according to the style of design, many American furniture like chest, may also can treat as TV ark, some cupboard can be used in the making of dresser, largely enhances his usefulness. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, about what are the characteristics of American furniture, hope this article can bring you some help.
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