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Europe type furniture use of timber is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-22
In recent years, Europe type furniture slowly into a family, but what use material of solid wood furniture? Today small make up take you close to decrypt the secret of Europe type furniture. Now on the market suitable for furniture, decoration of tree species have northeast China ash, oak, White oak, red oak) , rubber wood, fir, camphor wood, elm wood, pine, beech, walnut, teak, nanmu, Gold nan) , cherry, maple, etc. , what is a good solid wood furniture? Due to the different kinds of wood furniture in terms of price, service life, adornment effect difference is very big also, so, be sure to look for the performance characteristics of the choose and buy. A, elm, 'yu wood a knot in one's' describe people don't begin to understand, the meaning of difficult problems. From the words we can see some performance of elm, elm wood width is large, a fine texture tenderness; Deformation rate is small, wooden sex is tenacious, texture clear insight, moderate hardness and strength, suitable for carving, plane surface is smooth, beautiful string surface decorative pattern, have the decorative pattern of 'wenge', for furniture, decoration, etc. Elm wood furniture texture straightforward, plain style. And elm cost-effective, a Chinese antique table of log of the elm in 3000 - including 6 chair 4000 yuan. 2, ju wood: also called tree wood, native to southern China, timber quality, and the solid, beautiful texture, available for building and implements material. Ju wood is divided into a lot of kinds, the heartwood is red-brown, known as the 'blood ju', some ju not large and beautiful decorative pattern, natural colour like rosewood. In ancient China has 'the north yu south ju', refers to the north mainly use elm furniture, furniture USES south ju wood, as a result, elm and ju wood are used to make furniture zhou, can be used as a bed, desk, cabinet, etc. Red ju ju wood also can be used as decorative panels, veneer many have used to decorate. Three, walnut: commonly known as walnut, is one of the rare wood is popular with people in the world, especially in European countries, walnut, peach blossom core wood, oak and said three rare wood. Using these wood more high-end european-style furniture, but in our country, walnut status is not as prominent as in Europe. Walnut hardness moderately to slightly hard, fiber thin and uniform structure, strong toughness, especially in the case of shock resistance, resistance to wear and tear good performance, bending resistance, corrosion resistance. I domestic walnut tree species are mainly walnut and walnut Chinese catalpa, walnut wood furniture is almost unique furniture in shanxi, although it is also found in other areas as but are not as concentrated in shanxi region, so good. See south walnut generally are imported, the price gap between different parts of walnut is great, everybody wants to see clear. Four, annatto: the word is derived from the late qing dynasty, at that time, in order to distinguish between the traditional red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear furniture, the imports from southeast Asia acid branches dark red heartwood hardwood call annatto, in the modern, the traditional material combines the Ming and qing dynasties in China, the contact of modern commonly used dark wood imported from abroad, redesign the annatto standard, the new national standard specifies two of wood, five genera, eight classes, 33 species of wood call annatto, some of these wood color are not red, such as Japanese persimmon of ebony and striped ebony wood, cliff legume wenge wood etc. Are classified into rosewood, is a combination of wood properties, texture, usage and degree of social recognition, etc. Five, the Chinese fir: is access to cheap wood. Is China's fast-growing tree species, commodity material is characterized by fast growth, good material, wood texture straight, uniform structure, material light and toughness, strength is moderate, fir fragrance, 'Chinese fir brain' is contained in material, resistant to insect decay resistance, easy processing. Fir belongs to cork, its shortcomings basically has two, one is because of Chinese fir for mimosa, become useful period for 4 - Six years, the production quickly, natural wood fiber loose, and moisture content, surface hardness is soft, easy cause scratches external force, the second drawback is scarring, every a short distance there is a black scar. So fir less commonly used for furniture, but used to make paper pulp, joinery board, density board, particle board, keel, or make it refers to connect plate damper used for furniture.
With technology speeding up in lighting speed, have created quite a name for itself amidst solid wood furniture manufacturers and it happens to have a lot of benefits as well.
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