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Europe type furniture: the types of European style and introduction

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-18
Europe type furniture is divided into many styles, although these style of furniture is called Europe type furniture, but these furniture form is indeed very different is, different embarrassment ah, that is because the understanding of furniture of Europe type style is not so many really, in order to can let you can know more about European style furniture, so today's Europe type furniture small make up to introduce friends to Europe type furniture has the style. Europe type furniture to explain in detail: what is the European rural style? European pastoral style: focus on performance of nature, but different field has different nature, and also spawned a variety of style, Chinese style, European style, and even the rural amorous feelings of South Asia, each have each characteristic, each have each beautiful. Hope my answer help you! Europe type furniture to explain in detail: how to choose furniture of Europe type style? To comprehensively build harmonious European style decoration, first to choose good european-style furniture, according to the style and characteristics of furniture, design to decorate and soft assembly act the role ofing, because different furniture represents the different design style, choose furniture decoration design style at the same time, it is to find accurate positioning. 1, hard decorate style should be details are commensurate with european-style furniture, European furniture choose dark, with the west to restore ancient ways design or very westernized modelling furniture, coordinated with great atmosphere and fundamental key. 2, wallpaper, can choose a few more features, such as a bible story and characters painted wall paper is very typical of Europe type style. In North America style, stripes and broken flower is also common. 3, Europe type style decorating room should choose line trival, looks more massive frame, can be matched, and does not repel the colour, carve patterns or designs on woodwork looks even more grand appearance, on the contrary, this is what style. 4, the impression of Europe type style is used mostly white, light color is given priority to, furniture is white or brunet ok, but to make series, the style is unified. At the same time, some cloth fabric and texture are very important, such as silk fabrics will look more noble. 5, if this is the house of double entry, stone material may be used for laying the floor of the first floor hall, it will appear the atmosphere. If it is general bedroom, sitting room and dining-room still best laid wooden floor, if the part with the floor, floor tile, by using the room appears narrow. 6, Europe type style is decorated in the main role of the ground should take on the carpet. The comfortable foot feeling of carpet and elegant unique character and western-style furniture collocation of benefit. Europe type furniture to explain in detail: what is the European rural style? Two main points, British and French rural style. The former features colorful cloth art as well as the production of pure manual: every match is a kind of local flavour is dye-in-the-wood, material use more pine, wood furniture, making and carving are all pure manual, pay attention to the above is the characteristic of small make up to bring about the European style furniture, hope can bring you some help, if you want to buy european-style furniture, please contact us!
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