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Europe type furniture: the three branches of American style furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-14
As a kind of independent of European style furniture, American furniture is the introduction, the characteristics of clear lines and appropriate and decoration are very popular among consumers, delicate and simple is the feature of it. But you know, in fact, has a different style, American furniture can be divided into traditional American style, American country style and American neo-classical style. About this problem is by European furniture below small make up to explain for everybody. American new classic furniture will be classical style with the spirit of the modern, classical furniture showing a colorful landscape. But as long as carefully taste, can always find some subtle traces 'American' : clear even on such as black walnut wood, radian elegant gradually tapered wooden leg, compared with classical bed, carved decorative pattern on the four pillars have been highly simplified, its width is reduced, but the pad has two layers of mattress bed 'stand out' all the time. It is said that it will be more elastic, embodies the americans pursue practical comfortable life characteristics. American new classic furniture still with real wood as the main body, but modern materials such as metal, glass, new veneer began to be widely used, has changed the classical furniture all 'wooden age'. Traditional paint is given priority to with a single color, at the same time, adopt open besmear to brush, retain the natural texture and texture of lumber, the enclosed besmear brushs widely used and Europe type furniture of Europe type furniture, but also add the adornment of gold or other colour. Abandoned the traditional American style baroque and rococo style's pursuit of novelty and flashy, based on a new understanding of classical culture, based on the large size, emphasis on practical, at the same time, on the local adornment, commonly used Mosaic technique, and garnish with paint or low relief. Traditional American furniture generally use wood of walnut, maple, and peach blossom core furniture surface coated paint also is dark dumb light color, more exclusive bright surface, hope furniture is as old as possible. American country furniture to be suitable for nostalgia, it's natural, classical and mottled old mark, seems to turn back the clock, let the life slow down. Country style color is given priority to with natural color, especially represented by with a slightly yellow ivory. Cloth art is the important element in the American country style, color cotton and linen is the mainstream, the natural feeling with rustic style of cloth art well coordinated. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, introduced about the three American style furniture style, calling hope I can give you some help.
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