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Europe type furniture: the style and characteristics of American furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-17
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, the style and characteristics of American furniture. Before independence in the United States, has been occupied by the European colonial countries, it also makes a lot of culture was introduced into Europe to the United States, and at the end of the independence, the United States culture is rapidly developing mutual fusion formed the unique American and European and American style furniture. American furniture has been presented very distinctive features: atmosphere, natural and graceful, elegant, richly, this may be the nation itself and the national pride makes a! ! ! ! Rural so both American classical furniture and American furniture has a kind of natural and graceful. Classical style americans is worship of the ancients, so the classical style ( Large American) In the American furniture has been dominate. Tall, thick appearance, exquisite and delicate, the details of the original, natural, pure color, give a person a kind of expensive and the feeling of not old, is a feature of the classical style, wind erosion, frog, loss, rasp mark, horsetail, earthworms. 。 。 。 。 。 Are American classical furniture often practical technique. Rural American rural style, also known as American country style, belong to one of natural style, advocate 'return to nature', in the indoor environment to show relaxed, happy, natural rural life interest, often using natural wood, stone, cane, bamboo material such as plain texture. Skillful in setting indoor afforest, create natural, simple, elegant atmosphere. New classical neoclassical style from simple to complex, from the overall to local, finely crafted, carve patterns or designs on woodwork with jindu deep impression to the person. On the one hand, retained the material qualitative, colorific roughly style, still can strongly feel the traditional history and rich cultural background, and abandoned the overly complex texture and decorative, simplify the line. View all the design idea, all design style, br) is a kind of attitude towards life. Carefully designed for the owner is more suitable for modern living, functional and beautiful scenery of classical style, whether keen grasp the needs of customers, in fact, higher requirements are put forward for designers. Both furniture and accessories with its elegant, beautiful gesture, gentle and rich connotation, artistically, paint bedroom host elegant, noble identity. Common GuZhu fireplace, crystal lamp, Rome is the nods eyeball pen of the neoclassical style. The elegant and harmonious is the pronoun of the neoclassical style. White mix with decoration, make colour looks bright, generous, whole space gives a person with an open and tolerant stature, let a person do not cramped. Neoclassicism style, more like a diversified way of thinking, to the romantic feelings meditate on the combined with the needs of life, compatible and showily elegance and modern fashion, reflecting the post-industrial era, personalized aesthetic point of view and cultural taste well above is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture interpretation, about American furniture style and characteristics, the interpretation of the hope can bring you some help.
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