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Europe type furniture: the introduction of the three European style furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-10
The types of Europe type furniture has a lot of, but the main species ( Style) Three types, namely ( Also is the style of the people often say that) , good said so many words, now, let's get back to business, Europe type furniture small make up to today and everyone to share together, the knowledge about Europe type furniture style, hope can bring you some help. Europe type furniture on one, rural wind European pastoral wind nature will more fit on general style furniture, give a person a kind of the physical and mood can the stretches on, as the body is in the nature of the breath of nature. European rural wind emphasizes the culture connotation of Europe as a whole, pay attention to the line of concise, clear and elegant decoration, plus affected by the traditional arts and crafts, adopts advanced technology of the modern, European rural style furniture looks more natural and graceful, the atmosphere, elegant and noble. Europe type furniture on type 2, contracted wind contracted Europe type furniture style is very popular in design modelling, it do not break nobility, atmosphere, elegant design style is contracted and not simple design style. European contracted furniture and, along the lines of the European classical furniture and American home has the same effect. More is to pursue the comfort and practicality of furniture, it 塀 leave the classic furniture of heavy and complicated, more use of the simple lines, and natural wood grain. Europe type furniture on three, classical wind European classical style, combined with modern fashion and personality style, and classical style, that is more colorful now Europe type furniture, although it has a classical curve and curved surface, less but classic carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and use the straight line of modern furniture. White, coffee, yellow, magenta is the mass-tone attune of the common in the Europe type style, a small amount of white mix, make the color look bright, generous, make whole space gives a person with an open and tolerant stature. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, about three style furniture of Europe type furniture types of introduction and interpretation, hope can give those who want to know the friends of Europe type furniture some help.
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