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Europe type furniture: the collocation of Europe type furniture and style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-07
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, the collocation of Europe type furniture and design elements of style, hope these can help you on. European furniture design explanation, collocation design elements collocation is the key link in whole bedroom is decorated. If collocation is improper, is likely to pose a negative impact to the overall design. This kind of collocation is reasonable or not depends on three elements. First, from the consideration on the quality of a material, the same quality of materials matching sex is higher, can form the integral aesthetic feeling. If decorative material quality of a material is not the average, and present a significant quality, or the overall design effect will sell at a discount greatly. Second, consider from colour, decoration materials of different color is tie-in together, can form aesthetic feeling, is a designer should consider every subject. Third, considering from the structure, French furniture and spatial collocation is reasonable, not only affect overall degree of quiet space, also can produce certain effect to the overall beauty. As testimonies fireplace put the position whether reasonable, wrought iron window place whether appropriate, will be an influence on the overall home design. European furniture interpretation 2, style design elements statutes rural style from the traditional style, on the design structure, should pay attention to symmetry. Spatial structure from the point of whole household, open atmosphere, every space layout to symmetry, the main space to present a symmetrical distribution. The symmetric on the one hand, requirements presents the space size, on the other hand can ask colour is symmetrical, form the visual appeal. On materials, want to use more wood, fabric, such as natural stone decoration materials, shaping the typical rural style, from the shelter to regrets infection to the mouth of its original flavor. Well the above is the Europe type furniture and small make up to bring us, of European furniture collocation and design elements in introduce hope can bring you some help.
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