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Europe type furniture: the collocation of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-08
Many people are more like European style furniture, of course, when you buy home furniture, European furniture and other items are not so match,, then, how to match the furniture of Europe type style is good, you don't try so hard, about this problem is by European furniture below small make up to introduce friends to. Europe type furniture collocation technique: a general hall, curtain of Europe type style texture household and spacious, the window is big, so choose the curtain should be more simple sense, such as the elegant velvet, silk, jacquard fabric. Can choose the hemp fabric with better quality, color and design also should be favored as magnificent as furniture, composed. Warm red, brown, gold can be considered. Other window curtain, adornment sex is very strong and delicate tassel might have the effect that make the finishing point. Europe type furniture collocation skill: two color elegant, furniture is a feature of the furniture of Europe type style, on the furniture color, bright color appear household luxury atmosphere, soft light appears elegant furniture, if you want to give priority to color to selection of classical European golden furniture, how is Jane Europe type is suitable for use cream-colored, white soft furniture decorative pattern design of warm color department. Europe type furniture collocation skill: three, carpet of Europe type style is decorated in the main role of the ground should take on the carpet, comfortable foot feeling of carpet and elegant unique character and western-style furniture collocation will complement, reveal a full-bodied amorous feelings of European aristocracy. Europe type furniture collocation skill: four, heavy hang a picture of Europe type style to decorate the room can put a few size larger hangs a picture, but should choose line trival, looks more massive frame, can be matched, and does not repel the colour, carve patterns or designs on woodwork looks even more grand appearance, instead it is Europe type style. Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture on how the furniture of Europe type style the collocation of tutorial, hope this article can bring you some help.
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