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Europe type furniture: the choice of Europe type furniture wood

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-17
Everyone in Europe type furniture of choose and buy must be will take a look at the European furniture materials ( The choice of wood is made) Good European furniture must be use wood, of course, even know the people of Europe type furniture does not necessarily know Europe type furniture will choose what kind of wood as raw materials for the furniture, in order to can let everybody can better understand the beauty of a european-style furniture, European furniture small make up today to explain to you, Europe type furniture materials. Europe type furniture, camphor wood don't know what you know about it don't understand, this kind of wood in furniture market now appear less, but in the past, usually what kind of wood furniture, mostly people think of camphor wood, camphor wood is characterized by rich a full-bodied aroma, this fragrance can expel mosquitoes, mouldproof, sterilization, we all know the main components of the camphor ball camphor material. Camphor trees have a larger diameter, material is wide, beautiful, exquisite decorative pattern, camphorwood woodiness fine, has the charm of natural texture, tough texture, this period of not easily, durability is very good! European-style furniture, the so-called yu wood a knot, is to describe a person pedantic, don't begin to understand, this also shows the characteristics of our elm this kind of material, hard, structure tightly. As general what kind of wood furniture, that if the table or bed, such as the selection of elm that is pretty good, elm wood qualitative characteristic is excellent texture tenderness, deformation rate is small, wooden sex is tenacious, texture tongda, hardness and strength are very good, suitable to add sculpture and grain decoration, string pattern, beautiful, don't children, known as known as the 'wenge' pattern. European style furniture, the commonly used furniture there are a lot of lumber, expensive cheap, what kind of wood that are more expensive, general furniture is more appropriate? If expensive wood, that is like pine is definitely preferred wood materials in high-grade furniture products, pine wood in general is divided into two kinds, one kind is pinus massoniana, one kind is mongolica, and pinus massoniana straight, oblique irregular texture, structure of thick, but the wood drying is more serious, so if do furniture products, mongolica wood will be more beautiful, wooden form scar is less. European-style furniture, to say what kind of wood furniture, generally the woodiness material that we will surely think of northeast China ash, outside the usual decorative panel, USES the real wood of northeast China ash is more that are using this kind of wood, the main reason is that its drying shrinkage is small, and very fine grain, used as decorative panel furniture products have exceptional quality quality, the furniture of real wood of northeast China ash suitable for contemporary and contracted style products, in addition, in addition to the product deformation is small, fine grain, northeast China ash solid wood furniture price is moderate. ​ Well above is explained the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, European furniture use wood, hope can give those who are willing to have a thorough understanding of Europe type furniture friends some help.
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