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Europe type furniture: the charm of Europe type style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
Europe type furniture gives the impression of being noble, elegant temperament, and as long as it is in the room, with a european-style furniture, so the whole house will be up on the tall, so what elements make the Europe type furniture tall, about this problem today by the small make up of Europe type furniture to explain for everybody! European furniture explanation: 1. Neo-classical European style furniture abandoned the neo-classical European style furniture too complicated texture and adornment, simplify the line. Will be classical style with a unique personal style and the spirit of the modern, classical furniture showing a colorful landscape, it he is classical curve and curved surface, but without the classic carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and use the straight line of modern furniture. White, coffee, yellow, magenta is the mass-tone attune of the common in the Europe type style, a small amount of white mix, make the color look bright, generous, make whole space gives a person with an open and tolerant stature. European furniture explanation: 2. European classical furniture European classical style for the 17th century to the 19th century the characteristics of the royal family furniture, strives for perfection, to every detail in majesty to the pursuit of elegant luxury, and integrated into the modern design methods, is paid more attention to practical, show a European tradition of history and profound cultural background. In the Europe type furniture, because the European romantic nostalgia and Roman, so Romanesque furniture occupies an important position in the Europe type furniture. Heavy Romanesque furniture form, form stiff, and the more the surface of the vehicle system was used to construct. On the panels decorated with relief and shallow carving, subjects with geometric patterns, weave patterns, grass, the cross, Christ, and the angels and the lion. European furniture explanation: 3. European rural style furniture as we all know the baroque and rococo style in the important position in the Europe type style, European style rural style dismissed both heavy and complicated, more emphasis on the unique cultural connotation. With concise, clear lines and elegant decoration, combined with modern advanced technology, makes the European rural style furniture looks more natural and graceful atmosphere, elegant and noble. European rural style furniture for the processing of detail is in place, more sedate, exquisite texture on furniture design. European furniture explanation: 4. European simplicity style furniture of Europe type style furniture and, along the lines of the European classical furniture and American style home is there are many similarities. European contracted style furniture 塀 abandon the classic furniture of heavy and complicated, more is the pursuit of comfort and practicability of the furniture. On a greater use of contracted design line as well as natural wood grain, carve pattern mainly includes rosettes, bouquet and was wearing a beautiful ribbons knot cup decorations. European furniture explanation: 5. French furniture, French furniture on colour with plain and neat, simple and plain. Love romantic French people prefer bright color, with cream-colored, white, and beige. So, have they called French furniture 'furniture' sensibility. And a country with a long history of civilization, it is important in the district domain to maintain and develop the national tradition and the feature of high-quality goods, such as solid wood furniture of bright qing dynasty of China, has been loved by people for hundreds of years. France's ancient dynasty classical furniture also by its exquisite workmanship, elegant style, the furniture by national interests above is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture interpretation, on the introduction of Europe type furniture style, hope can bring you some help, of course if an interested friends can be ordered to furniture to Europe type furniture
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