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Europe type furniture: the characteristics of solid wood furniture is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-14
Now the Chinese quality of life is becoming more and more high, the attention of solid wood furniture increase rapidly. Solid wood furniture is not only beautiful, comfortable, beautiful, generous, and very healthy, and quite popular with upscale consumers. You also know how much about solid wood furniture, what its charm can attract so many consumers to buy. Then below small make up by European furniture to explain to you, the characteristics of solid wood furniture. Europe type furniture is introduced a natural, natural, environmental protection, health, environmental protection, health, solid wood furniture reveal the beauty of the natural and original. Solid wood furniture is long, can from the following three aspects to analyze: 1, from color analysis, lies in its natural wooden instinctive quality. Log lubricious furniture is natural, and no chemical pollution, this is the best choice of the modern health life, meet the modern urbanite advocate nature's psychological needs. 2, on the choice of material, domestic solid wood furniture, for example, species are: peach blossom core wood, walnut, Chinese catalpa wood, beech, oak, teak, maple, oak, northeast China ash, hitom wood, elm, cypress wood, pine, toon, etc. , of which Chinese catalpa wood, northeast China ash, walnut toon, ju wood, oak is most precious. These materials from the nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between people and the environment, designers are love with these materials, and add the people-oriented, based on natural modern design concept, we can more close person and material, person and natural distance, give a person a kind of friendly feeling. Europe type furniture is introduced two, long service life of board type furniture general 3 - service life For five years. The service life of furniture of real wood is board type furniture more than 5 times. Solid wood furniture has protection function. At the same time can bring warm to household environment of 'wood' gas, thus is quite popular with the upscale consumers. It has the advantage of natural, natural texture, changeful form, furniture surface are generally see wood beautiful decorative pattern. Europe type furniture is introduced three, unique personality solid wood furniture has its own unique style of real wood furniture from natural raw materials, set in a natural essence, and the real show the distinctive taste of solid wood furniture, high-grade, thick, will enjoy a long history of the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements, into the design of furniture, given new connotation for furniture, the furniture design more humane, practical, modern and create a new fashion for solid wood furniture, furniture of new tide. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, about the characteristics of solid wood furniture, hope can bring you some help.
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