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Europe type furniture: the characteristics of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-13
Europe type furniture style is an important part of the furniture industry, the Europe type style to decorate only european-style furniture collocation can highlight the whole elegant, solemn and elegant, after a long history of scour and the years precipitation, then the following by the small make up of Europe type furniture is a explain for everyone, the culture connotation of Europe type furniture. One, three representatives of Europe type furniture meaning type furniture: the most famous Italian furniture is it made by hand, as the birthplace of Renaissance, Italy culture concept is very strong, literary and artistic breath everywhere, in the furniture is delicate, elegant. Italian furniture every detail of the distinguished two words written as if the, visible at a glance. Italian furniture of the traditional craft and modern industrial technology gradually merge, such as using the golden section method to produce furniture designs, so the Italian furniture design is very beautiful, attract eyeball. As design power, Italian furniture originality has become a part of life, in the furniture design, Italian style often is the vane of fashion. Second, three representatives of Europe type furniture of French furniture: France is a romantic and more known as romantic Paris, the French relaxed is the world-famous, French furniture of French royal classic style inheritance is in place, the symmetry of exquisite decorative pattern, line, delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork, exquisite production, all of this for the French luxury, romantic and laid a solid foundation, French preference use cherry wood furniture, both classical style and modern style, walnut furniture are the favorites of French. Contemporary French furniture past oppression less serious feeling, more prominent romantic leisure life atmosphere, more and more suitable for modern household spending habits. Three, three representatives of Europe type furniture: the Spanish furniture than French and Italian and Spanish furniture audience not so widely, the gothic style once prevalent now influence still, furniture is the carving decoration a lot in the gothic relief, this is also a major highlight of Spanish furniture. Spanish furniture as its cultural eclecticism, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained. Traditional Spanish furniture contour line is given priority to with straight line, modelling is simple, the classification on the furniture more than helical cylindrical or exotic animal image. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture to explain in detail, what about the connotation of Europe type style furniture has introduced, hope can bring you help.
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