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Europe type furniture style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-22
Small make up today to introduce to you about, the style of Europe type furniture category. European classical style furniture is a kind of pursuit of gorgeous, elegant, classical, its design style directly by the European architecture, literature, painting and music art, the influence of the impact on European furniture design the deepest first european-style building, concrete can be divided into six kinds of style description: Roman Roman style, from 11 - 13th century, this period is the age of a predominantly pillar type structure, exquisite revelation from the church of circular arch roof, carving, inlay art gimmick in a secondary position, with makings is bulky, simple line. Rome pillar type structure can be summarized as five basic pillar. Five kinds of pillar and with column type, and ionic order. Collins and combined column type three most common use for the decoration of furniture and furniture exhibition hall. Gothic gothic style, derived from the 14th century to fabulous and gorgeous ornamental engraving of modern furniture, popular in France, with spires and arch volume and the vertical line is given priority to, tall, light, rich and delicate, deep ancient representative are: the influence of British Westminster, Notre Dame DE Paris, France, Germany's cologne cathedral. Describe of 'gothic' architecture, people use the phrase: 'it as flame up to the sky, upright and outspoken, tall and straight'. And the furniture of this period is made, in imitation of architectural appearance is given priority to, in the style of the existing furniture in Spain and most the most authentic. The Renaissance of the Renaissance, from 15 Of this period in the 16th century to become archaize furniture art products, and is absolutely greenhouse flowers. But the period of the painting art has had a huge impact on furniture, furniture manufacturing craftsmen began to pay attention to the decorative pattern of wood veneer material and color, start with natural colored wood splice to beautiful picture. People said of Renaissance furniture works: balance, implicative, temperance, and the rational and logical. It is important that the furniture of this period did not develop their own style, handed down from ancient times so that it gradually submerged in the river of history. Baroque baroque style, from 17 - 18th century the main features of baroque style furniture is to emphasize the strength, change and move feeling, sofa luxuriant cloth with delicate carving to cooperate with each other, the modelling of the noble and ground shop is acted the role of be in harmony are an organic whole, natural and graceful temperament. Emphasis on building in painting and sculpture as well as the indoor environment and so on comprehensive, exaggeration, romance, passion and irrational, illusion and fantasy. Break the balance, plane and changeful, emphasizing the level and depth. Use of all kinds of marble, stone, bronze, gold and other decoration is luxuriant, grand, broke through the Renaissance classical principles of some programs,. Rococo rococo style, from the 18th century when it comes to the rococo style is when it comes to a man, he is a British furniture design master Peng Daier ( 1718 - 1779) 。 He is China's tower, the Oriental element such as suzhou garden technology and the integration of western furniture production techniques of the first person. He also is the furniture industry one of the most accomplished furniture designer, and the first named after the designer furniture in the style of furniture. Is French rococo style 'rock', 'conch' compound word, word meaning as the rococo, notice to reflect curve features rococo art furniture. Back, armrest sofa, chair leg and frame are mostly adopt the delicate and elegant carve patterns or designs on woodwork, chair of the top beam are exquisite ups and downs of the 'C' shape and 'S' shape of the vortex volume grain ingenious combination of chair leg adopted arc bending type with beast claw ball chair foot, back of the chair top beam and frame beam before the grain of shells, carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Neoclassical neoclassical period was developed in the 1750 s, because of the rococo style is light and sentimental features a reaction, also have to the images of the ancient Rome excavation, reflects people's interest in ancient Greek and Roman art. This style using the curve surface, the pursuit of dynamic change, in the 1790 s, after a solemn style become more pure and simple. The furniture of this period carve patterns including grooved lines, egg arrow type moldings, bouquet, bouquets of strange phase pattern and drop ring. Simple plain modelling, including ancient Greek statue, triangle altar, old bottles, form, and it's restraint when using decoration, performance is given priority to with the mythological image. Color sink dark, neutral, the only exception is to use the Etruscan style red, white and black collocation method. Neoclassicism period, the characteristics of furniture: carve pattern: mainly rosettes, flowers and ribbons, cup shape and combination of objects are tied on the beautiful flowers. Furniture style: is fundamental key with a straight line should not be too close detail adornment, right Angle as the main body, the pursuit of the overall proportion of harmony and echo, exquisite, modelling is pure and simple. Well above is small make up for everybody introduction, about the introduction of Europe type furniture style, hope can bring you help.
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