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Europe type furniture: oak and rubber wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-17
When you buy European furniture will pay attention to the materials of furniture, but most of the friends will not see the material of furniture, then today by the small make up of Europe type furniture to explain for everybody! Oak is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere the general area, fine wood, oak furniture is common material, is a post many-sided ideal timber, plywood production oak roughly divided into red oak and white oak on the market two categories, the pattern of straight lines and horizontal grain, straight grain more good-looking, price is a bit expensive. The average price of high-grade imported oak is also high. Rubber wood is in the production of rubber trees, a subtropical tree species, throughout south and southeast Asia area in our country. Rubber adulthood every year out of juice, this is what we use rubber raw materials. Years later after the glue from rubber tree are no longer, we spent its timber processing and furniture, this is the so-called rubber wood. Rubber wood is widely used for making furniture. Rubber wood furniture is commonly used in hainan or southeast Asia rubber wood as raw materials, rubber wood is from rubber tree are not cut down for wood after use, material. The difference between rubber wood and oak 1, is the production of oak in the United States, China's production of rubber wood. The living conditions of the two species exist certain differences. 2, oak, on average, the price will be higher than the price of rubber wood. But the price of rubber wood furniture does not necessarily cheaper than oak furniture price. 3, quality of a material is solid oak, feel very heavy; Much and rubber wood is relatively soft, feel is smaller and lighter. 4, oak tree grain shape, there is no obvious and touch feel very smooth, this is a rough rubber wood can't fake. Rubber wood and oak: respectively on two kinds of lumber cross section cut off a small piece of wood, with a magnifying glass to look on the cross section of the grain, if coarse and loose tube hole, wood ray reticulate, as rubber wood; If the pipe hole small, wood ray is very beautiful, some is a tree, it is some fingerprints, oak. For consumers, can use simple identification method: oak wood is very hard, feel very heavy, in which the firm nail hard; Rubber wood is relatively soft, on the handle is smaller and lighter. Rubber wood, rubber wood is a kind of plant production of latex rubber, rubber tree trunk, is a subtropical tree species. Rubber trees grow after tapping a year, slightly laterally in the trunk with the knife cut down half of incision, the flow of SAP is collagen, is a manufacturer of rubber raw materials. Generally a few years old tree, no longer production glue or very few, can use its trunk to make furniture, the material is very general. Main features: 1, rubber wood color fawn, rings, wheel with dark, little pipe hole. 2, rubber mywood qualitative pine, grain is inclined, the wood grain, wood grain, a little bit a little bit; 3, woodiness is hard, because of there are residual glue, so difficult to zone dividends from the hardness of oak wood and rubber. 4, before made furniture processing, rubber wood must first remove rubber element, or furniture after color will be black. 5, due to the rubber wood furniture is easy to cause skin irritation, allergic weak person unfavorable use. 6, rubber not sour taste, because it contains more sugar, is not easy to remove, easy to change color, decay and bug eat by moth. 7, it is not easy to dry, not wear-resisting, easy craze, easy to bending deformation, wood processing, easy deformation and plate processing. 8, rubber wood grows in the tropics, growth period is short, generally in 5 - Ten years will cut down, its density is lower than the oak wood, quality of a material is loose, so the import red oak is 6 - rubber wood price Eight times. 9 the first big country, China is the world's production of rubber, so very cheap rubber wood, even don't have to take before, now domestic rubber wood per cubic metre of 1000 yuan, imported rubber wood every material is about 1600 yuan. German oak, oak, oak fagaceae, tree heart shows browns to red brown, obvious growth round, slightly wavy, heavy and hard. Oak furniture generally refers to the United States as raw material to manufacture of oak furniture, American oak material is hard, decorative pattern beauty, is a very high level of furniture material, the price is very high, usually 4 - rubber wood 5 times. 1, with a distinctive grain shape, and touch the surface have a good feeling; 2, quality of a material is solid, manufactured goods firm structure, long service life; 3, high grade, european-style furniture 4, usually imported for the production of oak plank abroad have strict drying processing, has the very good stability. Also some manufacturers directly from foreign imports of logs, cutting drying. The current domestic many furniture professional manufacturers of oak oak furniture stability is very high, but because oak hard texture, the presence of water to take off the net is difficult, not to take off the water production of furniture, a gears could start contraction deformation or cracking. 5, with rubber wood instead of on the market the phenomenon of oak, common, if the customer lack of professional knowledge, directly affects the interests of consumers. Well said so much, don't know everyone learned to no, the small make up of Europe type furniture is to introduce you to this a few days, hope can bring you help, but if it is in our company to buy furniture, do not have to worry about that, because we are the furniture of Europe type furniture materials absolutely let you rest assured.
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