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Europe type furniture is put geomantic exquisite

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-23
Although said that young people today don't shui this Monday, but there are still part of most of the young and middle-aged this letter, so small make up today to tell you the Europe type furniture feng shui problems. Behind a, sofa must have backer, if empty, will lead to spread wealth, thinly anemic, european-style furniture put hard against the wall, select screen or short ark. Two material, furniture is to use positive, houses of wood furniture, do not use before you are old coffin would you use to do the coffin of truth is the same. Three, kitchen stoves to sit down to kyrgyzstan to feng shui principles, if located in kyrgyzstan, the personnel will be healthy in the home, husband and wife relationship is harmonious. There are some kitchen decoration also are in the correct position. Stoves cream was shot to pieces by the faucet, susceptible to gastrointestinal problems. Four, don't put too much furniture in the home, it looks crowded, but also bad for people, according to the household indoor furniture is put to feng shui, european-style furniture put, so not favorable to the development of home delivery. After putting furniture, walk to turn around and make fortune. Well above is small make up to bring about the Europe type furniture is put the introduction of feng shui problems, hope can bring you help.
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