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Europe type furniture is how to remove formaldehyde, what method is there

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-29
As everybody knows, in at ordinary times when buying furniture, often have such phenomenon, is the flavor of the furniture will have bad, living in such an environment, is very harmful for your body. You know what is that smell? This is formaldehyde, then this is the need for the right to remove formaldehyde, have what good method? How to remove formaldehyde for furniture, and to introduce a few good method. Furniture formaldehyde method 1: in addition to the chemical reaction and new furniture in addition to formaldehyde method can be use of chemicals, cleared the formaldehyde method is suitable for the medium and low formaldehyde pollution, its advantage is low price, specific furniture products for home, also can be the living environment in the home, in the short term effect is very obvious. This method lasting effect is not long, however, individual chemical products have side effects. Furniture formaldehyde method 2: in addition to open a window ventilated in a variety of new furniture, indoor pollution to dozens of times, even one hundred times, don't check in at this time, this stage the most effective way is ventilated take a breath, so as to reduce indoor pollution. Furniture formaldehyde method 3: in addition to the green plants to choose whether you're new to decorate the house or the new purchased the furniture, all must do a good job of formaldehyde removal, new furniture plants absorb formaldehyde is one of methods to use the formaldehyde in air material, this method is simple, economical and practical is very suitable for all kinds of people that occupy the home, we have to choose to plant species, can be used as an auxiliary tool to remove formaldehyde.
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