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Europe type furniture is decorated in which environmentally friendly wallpaper is stronger?

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-01

french country furniture brand is decorated, Europe type furniture manufacturers selling wallpaper in household is applied to the key points of choose and buy, many owners when choosing wallpaper, wallpaper attracted by the beautiful color and pattern, see good buy directly, instead it could lead to health hazards for the family, because some wallpaper will contain harmful substances, so the owners when choosing wallpaper still need to give top priority to the environmental protection of wallpaper, to ensure the health of themselves and their families.

wallpaper decoration pollution is mainly caused by two sources:

a, wallpaper itself, release of volatile organic compounds, such as toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, etc. Especially PVC plastic surface wallpaper, due to reasons such as raw materials, process formulation, may remain harmful substances such as lead, barium, vinyl chloride, pose a threat to people's health.

the second pollution, wallpaper adhesives. Main points of organic solvent and water-based adhesive type two kinds. In order to make it better, soak in the production of factory USES a large amount of volatile organic solvents. Therefore, the adhesive in the curing period may release formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride, etc.

so the owner must first choose wallpaper will not release harmful substances, and then select pollution-free wallpaper glue adhesion agent. Points from the varieties, the following several kinds of wallpaper is the environmental protection:

pure paper wallpaper: mainly by the grass, tree bark and modern upscale new natural strengthening wood pulp ( Containing 10% of the wood fibre) And paste technology simple, not easy to become warped edge, sparkling, no smell, environmental protection performance is high, permeability is strong, is the European children room designated special wallpaper.

fabric wallpaper: primarily with silk, wool, cotton, hemp fiber as raw materials woven surface, with gauze or paper as the backing material, completely eliminate the adverse factors that affect health, so be regarded as the highest safety wallpaper. Including non-woven wall cloth is a natural fibers such as cotton, hemp or polyester acrylic synthetic fiber, non-woven molding, resin, printing color decorative pattern on a new type of advanced finishing materials, elastic, and the feel like cashmere, called & other; Breathing wallpaper & throughout; 。

brush paint wallpaper: in Europe, the paint is very popular pure paper and environmentally friendly wallpaper, wallpaper again on paste the good wallpaper besmear brushs emulsioni paint. The wallpaper of the basic color is white, but have different stereoscopic pattern, can according to individual be fond of different colours on the brush emulsioni paint. This method combines the double advantage of wallpaper and the emulsioni paint, make metope with rich texture and stability of the bright-coloured color of wallpaper. Due to the use of fiber wallpaper, so it is environmentally friendly.

straw wallpaper: with grass, ge, bamboo, cane, wood, leaves as the main raw material, such as dry pressure after stick on the paper base wallpaper, avirulent insipidity, sound-absorbing, moisture, cool air.

the owners can choose according to his be fond of and economic condition is suitable for their own wallpaper, with expert proposal, had better not choose colorful wallpaper, on the one hand, will bring people a strong visual stimulation, on the other hand, the color is too bright in the wallpaper will lead more, harmful to human body health.

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