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Europe type furniture: introduction to furniture of Europe type style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-08
Europe type furniture what are the classification, the decorative pattern of European furniture why there are so beautiful, what are the differences between different European style furniture, today on this subject by the small make up of Europe type furniture to make a solution for every friend. European classical furniture palace features extremely European classical furniture of the core elements of the design is the palace and golden color, spelling a flower, Mosaic and gold-plated copper decorations, another is pleased to replicate in 'do old' style antique or royal family life, court characteristic extremely. With mahogany wood, walnut, cherry wood, ebony, oak, beech, as the main body, copy antique furniture, using classical technique to restore history. Of modelling heavy and complicated baroque style, the color is strong, adornment sex is conspicuous, commonly used with curved surface and the oval space, the pursuit of gorgeous, showing off, exaggeration, glittering. Another kind of rococo style, and can be understood as extreme baroque style, line is more soft, a bit partial feminine weak, more exaggerated, luxuriant, fancy, adornment sex is far more than its usefulness. Leado originality to build modern Nordic Nordic modern household wind and European classical furniture, to the contrary, it contracted has been loved by the minimalist living people, and fluent line, the modelling of the minimalist, which the country style is given priority to with log, the board is the commonly used material in modern style, to provide space for them to make good use of combination way make a clever space with different ideas. Europe type furniture is divided into two pie, a is a delegate with Italy, France, Spain, Germany's European classic furniture, 17 ~ 18 th-century follow Italian Renaissance developed a kind of style, spread to the whole Europe; And those in northern Denmark and Sweden as representative of the modern fashion style, originated in the dreams of the release of modern heavy and complicated life. Ok! That is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, brought about by the introduction to the introduction of European style furniture, European furniture small make up hope this article can bring you some help.
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