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Europe type furniture: how to maintain solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-09
For friends to buy what to buy European furniture, how to maintain furniture of Europe type style is a big problem, because Europe type furniture that complex patterns in the maintenance of more laborious and maintenance are more cumbersome steps, then to let everybody be able to at home can maintain european-style furniture, European furniture today will give you to explain how to maintenance of solid wood furniture. Dust precipitation often, because every day the friction surface of the solid wood furniture. It is best to use a clean soft cloth, such as the old white cotton T-shirt or baby diapers, remember not to use a sponge or tableware cleaning wipe your furniture. When dust, please use wet cotton cloth, because the wet cotton cloth can reduce friction, avoid scratch furniture, at the same time helps to reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust, is helpful to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture. When should avoid moisture residue on the surface of the furniture, it is suggested that had better use dry cloth to wipe it again. Second, clean and in order to remove the pollutants in the air, the cooking of the lampblack, operating stains and glaze caused by the remnants of the trace, we recommend the use of special furniture cleaner. This solution will also help remove wax, and preparation for the glazing, although special furniture cleaner can be often used and no damage to the coating, but we recommend using only 2 ~ 3 times of the year. Three, waxing, we suggest that don't give your solid wood furniture wax, wax of high quality paint finish, and it is no good, wax stains can make the wood coating tarnish. Solid wood furniture all use good quality of the coating, no need to wax. Four, glazing besides often dust, solid wood furniture surface sometimes want to rely on polishing to remove stains and small particles, in order to increase the beauty of appearance. We recommend the use of special furniture polish furniture for regular maintenance. Polish generally has two, one is for the use of high gloss paint furniture, another is for the use of the low matt or gloss finish furniture. Well above is Europe type furniture to bring us, about how ou keep luster, hope can bring you help.
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