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Europe type furniture: how to guarantee the furniture of Europe type style is not moldy

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-11
Everyone knows that Europe type furniture is exquisite wooden artwork but if maintenance is not good can cause irreparable damage, then the small make up of Europe type furniture today to teach everyone how to ensure that Europe type furniture not moldy tips. European furniture and maintenance method 1, pay attention to often open a window ventilated. Don't use a humidifier in the room. After tow to pay attention to open the window or the fan and the air conditioning dry the water in a timely manner. In addition, in the closet, put some orange peels, the result is right also. 2, in the wooden chest, with an average of five to eight tungsten filament bulbs, open in the evening or very humid period, this method has been proved effective, can keep the humidity in the space at or below thirty percent. European style furniture, one of the causes of the moldy of the space environment is too bad, poor lighting and ventilation, wet garbage cleaning not in time, etc. 2, the poor quality of plate: cabinet production material waterproof performance is bad. 3, wooden chest artificial reason: in the process of making manufacturers in the chest when producing shoddy. 4, residents own reason: do not pay attention to the wooden chest ventilation air is basked in. The mould of Europe type furniture solution 1, open the wooden chest, sort out all the clothes, clean up the mold on the wooden chest, use dry towel to wipe, or with the brush brush with dry towel to wipe. If the mould had been on the go with wet cloth or towel to wipe a few times. 2, keep the wooden chest ventilation. While at this time will be sorting clothing, hair too bad clothes must wash again. Then put all the clothes completely dry, dry in the sun best 2 hours. If the weather is wet available electric blower ( Don't use high temperature, temperature not more than 50 degrees, from 0. 5 meters or so, and pay attention to the corner clothing, such as yi den, pockets etc) 。 3, some dry paper in wooden chest tank bottom, can absorb some of the water. Then put the clothes in place, clothes can't be too crowded. 4, with hair dryer for the wooden chest finally ventilation for 2 minutes. Shut the closet. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, about Europe type furniture maintenance skills, hope can bring you help.
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