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Europe type furniture: how European furniture wax?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-03
European furniture small make up today to teach everyone how to maintain european-style furniture, because furniture wax is needed, especially the furniture of Europe type furniture that has exquisite decorative pattern, good not to say that let's start right away! First, before applying polish, want to check the lacquer layer appearance is intact. To the newer carpentry furniture, use fine cotton cloth to wipe dust appearance, to be kept too long or difficult to remove the stain, usable cotton dips in minority gasoline or alcohol wipe brush. Second, with a small piece of cotton cloth mooring appropriate wax polish out large area, with a larger piece of dry cloth again according to the circular form cent will wax brush evenly, specification for don't leave a mark. If the wax with too much, not only can leave streaks and markings, influence burnish, time is long, will soften the paint layer and difficult to remove. Finally, note that, given the many types of wax polish on the market, therefore, choose the types of wax polish don't often replaced, so easy to master its features. Local of lacquer layer already damaged, should be again cerated after disposal. Is the place with sear cigarette, such as a layer of lacquer of appearance of be confined to, usable fine waterproof abrasive paper dips in water after grinding quietly to stain, and then hit waxing. Appearance scratch but not deep and traces of wood, can be directly made some polishing wax polish. Color shoe polish nearby also can have the same effect. To heat the white group mark that leaves on lacquer layer on the cups, can dip in with the hand a few vegetable oil, to trace, and conflicts with a cloth. Such as trace still not take out, can be a piece of cotton cloth soaked in warm water after dry, inunction of on drop a few drops of ammonia in the end use of polishing wax polish. Well above is Europe type furniture small make up to bring us, about how to maintain the introduction of Europe type furniture, small make up hope this article can bring you some help.
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