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Europe type furniture: how do European furniture wax

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-12
Europe type furniture in recent years has become a popular Chinese heart furniture, essential for the maintenance of Europe type furniture also is oh of course, especially the wax that is absolutely can't skip maintenance steps, then please and European furniture below small make up together to learn, how to Europe type furniture waxing. European furniture waxing method on furniture wax, be sure to use cotton cloth, rub wax on cotton, wax component wants moderate, if the amount of wax can lead to wax daub is uneven, impacts on the gloss furniture waxing. And then there will be a wax texture of cotton down the furniture cleansing fast effectively apply wax to the furniture surface ( Remember not to force too hard, too much effort for cotton fabric with furniture surface friction and damage to the surface of the solid wood furniture) 。 European furniture waxing method 2 will clean the dust on the surface of the solid wood furniture processing, do for furniture waxing. If dust not clean will affect the overall effect after waxing, there will be a wax spot or the friction and scratches. After to dust on the surface of the solid wood furniture, with soapy water to wash away the old wax on the surface of solid wood furniture, with water to wipe it again again with dry cloth to dry the furniture surface. The benefits of Europe type furniture waxing a to wax solid wood furniture has to protect furniture from damp, cuts and burns. Wax is in itself a medium chemical element of its internal kill bacteria, so the wax adsorption on the surface of the furniture, can quickly kill pathogenic bacteria, and at the same time protect the furniture to furniture surface form antibacterial film, thus reducing the microbial harm to furniture, increased the service life of furniture. European furniture wax wax benefits 2 is a lot of benefits for solid wood furniture, wax can not only prevent moisture loss and cause cracking in wood, also can avoid the outside water invasion in the wooden lead to deformation, increase the service life of solid wood furniture. For solid wood furniture wood fiber and liquid wax itself also has a very good moisturizing effect. To wax solid wood furniture can also be able to clean the surface of furniture, make real wood furniture maintain the original luster. ​ Is well above the European furniture small make up to you like Europe type furniture friends, about the way Europe type furniture wax and wax are the benefits of the introduction, hope can bring you some help.
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