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Europe type furniture: how do European furniture collocation

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-13
Europe type furniture: how do European furniture collocation festive customs of Europe type furniture today small make up to you to explain that how Europe type furniture collocation wallpaper: can choose a few more distinctive wallpaper decorating the room, like a bible story and characters painted wall paper is very typical Europe type furniture. In North America style, stripes and broken flower is also very common. Color: we need to pay attention to is on the collocation of color, can't use the color with too much. In Ehrlich's furniture basically has: will into the dark brown, red, show the traditional smell restoring ancient ways; Then there will be white and tie-in log, with natural nobility, more intimate and elegant, beautiful qi do among them, aftertaste making a person is infinite; There is in a warm color is tie-in style, more show fashion trends. Furniture: with hard decorate on European details should be fairly, should choose dark, with the western pattern and restoring ancient ways is very westernized modelling furniture, in accordance with the great atmosphere and fundamental key. Lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns: light steel material is big failure, with ou feng is fire and water is impossible, luxuriant and finely crystalline light also had better not to. May be some shapes line some downier or the lamp with downy light, resembling lamp of iron art branch is right choice, there is a little model, there is a little clumsy. Floor: if be the house of double entry, stone material may be used for laying the floor of the first floor hall, it will appear the atmosphere. If be ordinary bedroom, sitting room and dining-room is still the best laid wooden floor, if the department with a floor, department with a floor tile, the room appears narrow instead. Decoration: we should pay attention to is the reasonable collocation of ornament. Not too much, nor too single, proper retouching, of course, will be Europe type style of of primitive simplicity is more perfect. Like: we can hang a picture on the wall like classic oil paintings; You can also choose to compare the desk lamp of classic with European furniture and so on. Carpet: Europe type furniture is decorated in the main part of the ground should take on the carpet. The quiet foot feeling of carpet and elegant unique character and western-style furniture collocation. When the choice is the best design and colour quietly elegant, relatively too flashy ground may be conflicts with European classical halcyon harmony. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture on how Europe type furniture collocation, hope can bring you help.
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