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Europe type furniture has what characteristics

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-28
Europe type furniture gives a person a kind of solemn and elegant temperament, it mainly solid wood furniture materials, exquisite workmanship, reveal a thick culture breath, because now people's favorite. What an outfit Europe type furniture has characteristic? Then with the European furniture small make up take a look at Chinese style home design effect picture. ​ 1, the practicability of Europe type furniture pays attention to is practical, it's very practical furniture, the sofa armrest, back, chair of the back of a chair, etc. , are integrated into the scientific ergonomic design. Has a rigorous structure and lines, sofa cushion padding is very soft, plus special waist pillow, the curve of joint human body. 2, symmetrical design of Chinese style decorates a style is more pay attention to the symmetrical design, the decoration concept originated from ancient Chinese concept of 'balance of Yin and Yang'. Is the nature of the decoration materials are used, and then through the 'of' basic water fire and earth multiple elements to match design. 3, the space level of Europe type furniture has a characteristic is strong of dimensional administrative levels, where the need to cover the line of sight, often use the Chinese style screen, partition, rich ancient frame of Chinese style flavor items such as segmentation. These space is very attractive, the graceful and let the house reflects the level of beauty. The small make up summary of Europe type furniture: the above is what Europe type furniture has characteristic of home outfit, european-style furniture rendering of content, I wonder if you understand! Europe type furniture is a kind of more the style that restore ancient ways, we also know, like you can give oneself the home decorate a style.
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