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Europe type furniture: furniture of Europe type style is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-02
Everyone knows the name of Europe type furniture but there are less people know what is the style of the modern European furniture, in order to let more people know the small make up of Europe type furniture of Europe type furniture today to do some interpretation for everyone, hope we can bring you some help. Europe type furniture on one, the modern European style to explain the modern European style follow the main element of classic European style, into the modern life elements. European bedroom some not just luxury atmosphere, more comfortable and romantic. Through the perfect standard line, excelsior detail processing, bring family not comfortable tactility, actually harmony is the highest state of Europe type style. Europe type furniture on second, the modern European style origin it is neoclassicism with respect for nature, the pursuit of truth, to revive the ancient form of art as the objective, especially the works of ancient Greek and Roman civilization heyday, or solemn, elegant and beautiful, but not copy is classical and to stop put abstract, absolute aesthetic concept and lack of artistic image and the difference between traditional classicism in the 16th and 17th centuries. Europe type furniture on three elements of modern European style, modern European style design 'is' neoclassicism style. The modern European style design, from simple to complex, from the overall to local, finely crafted, parquet carved jindu meticulous impression to the person. On the one hand, retained the material qualitative, colorific roughly style, let a person feel steal the traditional history and deep cultural inside information, and discard the overly complex texture and decorative, simplify the line. Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture, introduction of the origin of European furniture style, hope can bring you some help.
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