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Europe type furniture factory bedroom decorate is very important, adornment also cannot fall

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

the main location that the bedroom is people rests, the bedroom decorate good or bad, directly affect people's lives, work and study, so the design of the bedroom is a family to decorate one of the key. Bedroom design should pay attention to practical, the second is the decoration. Principle of french country furniture factory with small make up to you to sort out as follows:

1, to ensure the privacy. Privacy is the most important properties of the bedroom, it is not only a place for people to rest, or the place that girl's bedroom wife love communication, is the most warmth and romantic space in the home. The bedroom wants quiet, sound insulation, sound-absorbing the adornment stuff with good sex can be used. The door had better use opaque material completely closed. Some to daylighting is good, in the design of the bedroom door with transparent glass or frosted glass, it is highly desirable.

2, use more convenient. Generally in the bedroom to put a lot of clothing and bedding, therefore must consider when decorating store object space, not only to large and convenient to use. On both sides of the head of a bed is best bedside table, desk lamp, such as the alarm clock can touch things. Some bedroom function more, still should take into account the dresser and desk position arrangement.

3, decorate a style should be concise. The function of the bedroom is mainly sleep rest, belong to private space, not open to guests, the modelling of the bedroom decorate does not have too much, often do not have to be suspended ceiling, wall processing as concise as possible, usually brush emulsioni paint, the wall of the bed can do modelling and adorn appropriately. Of the bedroom wall act the role ofing unfavorable and overmuch, still should match with wall material and furniture. Style and emotional appeal of the bedroom is not dominated by a wall, ground, such as hard to decorate, but is decided by the soft adornment such as curtain, bedspread, wardrobe, they are a very large area, their design, color often dominate the style of the bedroom, become the main melody of the bedroom.

4, color, design should be harmonious. Of the bedroom tonal consists of two aspects, when decorating metope, ground, the top surface itself has its own color, a very large area. Deserve to act the role of the late also has its own colour such as curtain, bedspread, and the area is very big also. Both tonal collocation to harmony, to identify a mass-tone, such as the walls painted wallpaper, then it is the color of the curtain quietly elegant of some, or the color of the room is too strong, can appear too crowded; If the wall is white, the color of the curtains and so on can be very strong. Cloth art decorations such as curtains and bed cover, color and pattern is best can unify, in order to avoid the color of the room, design is too multifarious, give a person the sense of chaos. In addition, the bedroom area is lesser, decorative materials should choose slant warm color attune, shallow weak flower design. The elderly bedroom appropriate chooses slant blue, slant green cool color department, design patterns should also be dainty elegance; The color appropriate novelty of children room, a few bright-coloured, decorative pattern design should also be lively; Young people's bedroom should choose novel and chic, the design of rich and lively, light touch. If the room slants dark, insufficient light, had better choose light warm color to move.

5, lighting should pay attention to. Try not to use decorative hanging type droplight, it will not only make your many dark corner of the room, will be formed in the head too much light, lying in bed looking up when the lights will be dazzling. Had better use up lighting lamp, can be either a roof is high, and can make the light is downy, no direct eyes. In addition to the main light source, also should be a desk lamp or wall lamp, and for a night or bedtime reading. In addition, design a few lamp in the corner, in order to use different color bulbs to adjust the color of the room, such as the yellow lights will add many romantic emotional appeal for the bedroom.

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