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Europe type furniture: European white furniture how to maintain?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
For most people to buy Europe type furniture is one of the biggest the most troubling question is the maintenance of Europe type furniture, why small make up I would say that? Because Europe type furniture because of its elegant decorative pattern, beautiful lines, complex patterns, make the price of Europe type furniture is not so cheap, if bought Europe type furniture useless talk high price a few years for some reason had to give up is to let a person love dearly, but as long as the use of proper maintenance skill can avoid the above problem, then do not say that there is Europe type furniture below small make up to introduce to you how can we in usual maintenance of Europe type furniture. 1, dust removal. Dust regularly dust, because every day the friction surface of the solid wood furniture. It is best to use a clean soft cloth, the same white T-shirt or infants with cotton cloth, etc. Don't use a sponge or wipe your furniture tableware cleaning products. Dust, please use the soaked, twist dry cotton cloth, because the wet cotton cloth can reduce friction, avoid scratch furniture, but also helps to reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust, to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture. But should avoid moisture remaining in the furniture surface, it is suggested that had better use dry cloth to wipe it again. 2, clean. In order to remove the furniture surface by pollutants in the air, cooking of the lampblack, the operation of the stains and glaze caused by the remnants of the trace, we recommend the use of special furniture cleaner. This solution will also help remove wax. 3, waxing. Every three months for a layer of wax on the furniture. Before using wax polish furniture, we should check the lacquer layer surface is intact. For newer solid wood furniture, use fine cotton cloth to surface dirt rub-up, reserved for too long or hard to remove stains, usable cotton dips in a small amount of gasoline or alcohol wipe brush. Then with a small piece of cotton cloth wax polish out large area, with a larger piece of dry cloth again according to the circular form cent would rub evenly wax. 4, temperature control. The heat-resistant of solid wood furniture is generally poor, so when use as far as possible away from heat source. In general, try to avoid direct sunlight, because of the strong ultraviolet ray can cause real wood furniture paint fade; In addition, can send out a strong thermal heating, lamps and lanterns can make deformation of solid wood furniture, should from as far as possible; Moreover usually don't directly put a hot water bottle, kettle, etc on the solid wood furniture, otherwise it will burn solid wood furniture. 5, don't forget the mortise and tenon joint structure. Mortise and tenon joint structure for solid wood furniture and its important, once it has become loose, fall off, can't continue to use solid wood furniture. Therefore, at ordinary times should pay attention to see whether the joint parts fall off, degumming, joint fracture and mortise is loose, and so on and so forth. If falls off parts such as screws, screw holes can be removed, and then in the hole, filling a thin pieces of wood screw to mount last. If a joint fracture need professional maintenance personnel processing. 6, daily care. To avoid long sunlight furniture surface, otherwise it's easy to make the wood internal moisture out of balance, causing cracks; Is in the autumn and winter dry environment, need on a regular basis using artificial humidifying to excessive loss of water, such as wet water often with soft cloth to wipe furniture, etc. ; Keep good humidity, ideal humidity is around 40%, if the long-term use of air conditioning, can put a basin of water beside her. Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture, on how to maintain the introduction of Europe type furniture, European furniture small make up hope this article can bring you some help.
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