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Europe type furniture: European new classic furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-04
Introduction about the style of the neo-classical European furniture characteristics and pressure started immediately, please new classical European furniture friends who want to learn to take notes and European furniture small make up together to know about the European new classic furniture style characteristic. European classical 'or' new classic furniture 'furniture, often can see all kinds of embroidery fabrics, tassels and rivet and other decorations. Line is complex, attaches great importance to the carver: 'baroque furniture' has complicated and exquisite carving decorative pattern; 'Rococo furniture' although also very the attention carver, but some lines are relatively soft; And the 'new classic furniture' line is more lively, mainly applique to render texture. Preference bright-coloured color, especially the 'baroque' furniture color is very strong, and golden as its primary color, multi-purpose gold plated or gold to decorate, appear glittering; The rococo furniture color is relatively soft, cream-colored, white pattern is the main color; 'New classic furniture' colour is relatively more warm color department, such as log lubricious neo-classical European furniture abandoned too complicated texture and adornment, simplify the line. Characteristics of furniture of Europe type style of the classic style with a unique personal style and the spirit of the modern, classical furniture showing a colorful landscape, it he is classical curve and curved surface, but without the classic carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and use the straight line of modern furniture. Characteristics of furniture of Europe type style is often given priority to with white, coffee, yellow, magenta tone, a small amount of white mix, make the color look bright, generous, make whole space gives a person with an open and tolerant stature. Well above is Europe type furniture small make up for your hobby friend explain about European furniture, the introduction of European classical furniture style characteristic, hope can bring you some help.
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