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Europe type furniture: European furniture waxing requirement profile

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-15
Europe type furniture only under the care, to make their life spans. Primary care is to every other period of time for its waxing polishing. That how to furniture polish and wax? You don't try so hard today this problem have Europe type furniture small make up to do to you the answer. A solid wood furniture, paint, demand dozen wood wax ( Natural beeswax, half emulsion) Have paint in solid wood furniture to high level furniture, market share of about 20%. Meanwhile also contains natural abour rattan, bamboo, etc. The raw material first is a natural raw material, Some panel using the peeler) 。 Using the function is its primary function. In addition to knock against scratches, demand note wetting deformation, wood burst, the exposure and color paint and crack etc. Maintenance is divided into two some cleaning and maintenance. Use wet cloth when cleaning; Maintenance when using a mid-range wood wax. Second, the board type furniture, not demand waxes. Due to low levels of board type furniture furniture, is the most common types of furniture. Roughly estimate, 70% of all furniture is board type furniture on the market. That means, the composition of raw material is artificial board. Using the function is its only function. To prevent the knock against scratches is the primary considerations. In the usual cleaning, can use wet cloth, fastidious about using water wax ( Be, spray bottle) To add the light. Three solid wood furniture, paint, demand high-end wood wax ( Wood oil) No real wood furniture paint due to high level furniture ( In order to show its rare wood, so no paint) 。 The market share is very small. Some may be set with carve. First is passing on its function. First is a professional wood maintenance ( Insist on grain color) 。 Maintenance of primary oil ( Orange oil, walnut oil, olive oil, tung oil, etc. ) And senior wood wax. Maintenance cycle is usually one year or several years. Four, senior paint furniture, With white paint furniture) Senior level with no real wood furniture paint to paint furniture furniture, rare. Its first performance in their exquisite paint surface material. First is passing on its function. First is the professional lacquer maintenance ( Insist on the color, picture gorgeous richly) 。 Maintenance of primary soft abrasive and appearance recovery agent. Maintenance cycle is usually march to half a year. Five, the other furniture, demand special protective agent contains other furniture character such as metal, glass, leather raw materials of furniture, also contains the special environment of furniture kitchen, toilet. The field match is widespread, glass furniture, for example: from a few yuan to thousands of yuan. Don't have universality, the effect of first rise to gild the lily. Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture, on how Europe type furniture wax, hope this article can bring you some help.
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