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Europe type furniture: European furniture modelling characteristics

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, how Europe type furniture modelling characteristic features hope can bring you some help. Europe type furniture of Europe type furniture design features: door model design, including the door of the room and all kinds of cupboard door, both to highlight AoTuGan, and sleek lines, two kinds of model set each other off becomes an interest, amorous feelings. Column design also is very exquisite, modelling can be designed as a typical Roman column, make whole space has stronger traditional western aesthetic flavor. The fireplace is the typical carrier of western culture, the choice is European style decoration, can design a real fireplace, also can design a fireplace modelling, supplemented by lighting, create a western life emotional appeal. Lighting in the Europe type style household space, the modelling of lighting design should choose to have western amorous feelings, such as wall lamp, on the whole and lively, simple. Europe type furniture is the pursuit of solemn and grand, or emphasize rational harmony, peace, the pursuit of gorgeous of romanticism, decorative, or the pursuit of infinite fantasy of irrational, dramatic and sexual passion. Usually, the outline of Europe type furniture furniture and various turning part is composed of symmetry, rich rhythm curve or surface, and decorative Mosaic gold-plated copper decorations. Connoisseurs and collectors for the tasting of Europe type furniture summarizes sixteen and eight disease. '16' is tasting appreciation furniture standard of 16 items, such as more concise, simple, thick, dignified, roundy, thick, bright and clean, 'eight disease' refers to the glass ceiling and furniture ills, such as red, swollen, loss, delay yu, etc. Europe type furniture of Europe type furniture characteristic 1, elegant. European furniture pays attention to seeking light stability, show interest in the simple, linear circular chang contains change. Furniture overall scale and proportion of each part is very practical and aesthetic of the organic unity. Modelling does not win in China, not excessive decoration, accidental applying vulture act the role ofing is given priority to with line, or in a small area of the delicate embossed or engraved look, the round and line engraving method, increase the ornamental. Through the wood, ivory inlaid, mother-of-pearl, and treasure, inlaid Mosaic of different pattern, mountain water, flowers, insects. Or combined with silver, and copper decorations to the ornament of small area, and large areas of clear and concise form bright contrast, use of the grain of lumber itself, with the width, thickness, length, depth, concave and convex and print a variety of crural line, to increase the line change furniture, achieve harmony and unity, the effect of various features, natural and easy. 2, well-selected materials. Europe type furniture is much use of precious wood, such as red sandalwood, hua li, rosewood, qi catalpa wood and iron pear hardwood, sometimes with nanmu, walnut, elm, etc. South of lumber quality of a material is solid, fine and close texture, colour embellish composure. The material has great effects on the model of furniture structure and appearance. Since the material fastidious, european-style home texture and natural beauty has a sufficient condition for the pursuit of itself, to achieve a hard, smooth, plain, net the best artistic effect. 3, the craft is fine. Europe type furniture on the structure of exquisite fangyuan, thickness, thickness of the contrast is unified, the connection between the multiple components, reached the joining together seamlessly, solid level off, the contour line is smooth and natural. Polished surface of the furniture. Rub on transparent wax, bright and clean, smooth net effect, fully shows the natural beauty of precious timber. Well on is the small make up of Europe type furniture can explain for everybody, about the Europe type furniture style and characteristics of modelling, hope can bring you some help.
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