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Europe type furniture: European furniture characteristic introduction ( On)

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-04
The furniture of Europe type furniture that let a person can't type a to enter the Chinese market, are popular with many Chinese, so what is Europe type furniture magic will let us Chinese people a see it so love it, Europe type furniture of small make up for this problem will be divided into two period to introduce to you, today is the last hope can bring you some help. European style furniture, neoclassicism: the design of the neoclassicism style, is to use the modern material makes the simplified the classical household style. Slam the door too complicated mechanism and adornment, simplify the line, and combined with modern material, will be the romantic feelings meditate on the combined with the needs of life. Is this year popular household style. European-style furniture, American style: on the whole, American style is pure, leisure, organized, and practical function, to release pressure on the family and the liberation of the pure land of the mind. Use wood more, after the natural texture and painting processing of do old years trace, let American style become nostalgic and family life. Europe type furniture is introduced, the Mediterranean style: usually, the household of the Mediterranean style, will adopt the following design elements: lime mud, continuous arcade and arches, terra cotta, blue tiles and doors and Windows. Show the blue romantic feelings, pure natural sea day, the sun is shining, very suitable for families with artistic and romantic feelings. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, about why European furniture so popular with the people, see here you might see, Europe type furniture is popular the main reason is the wide variety of styles, above represent only small make up the personal opinion of the hope can bring you some help.
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