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Europe type furniture: Europe type furniture of choose and buy

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-15
Europe type furniture with its exquisite decorative pattern and the lines to make a lot of people started to buy the furniture of Europe type style, but you know what in fact you know in fact Europe type furniture is need to carefully safeguard oh, if you buy the Europe type furniture without careful maintenance then those exquisite decorative pattern will enron and blank without luster, and buy a set of Europe type furniture price is high, so I sell is definitely not like that oh, so in order to let everyone can avoid such things happen, today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to give each friend to explain, European furniture has the maintenance skills. Europe type furniture to explain in detail: don't make clean while avoid hard objects scratch cleaning tool touch the furniture. Usually also should pay attention to, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture, not to protect the surface trace of the flaw and silk etc. Phenomenon. Europe type furniture to explain in detail: should not be in a very humid place to avoid moisture, lest wood in wet expand, after a long time perishable, drawer and pull away. Europe type furniture to explain in detail: regular maintenance under normal circumstances, only played in a wax can each quarter, such furniture looks shiny and surface not vacuuming, cleaning up more easily. Europe type furniture is gorgeous and elaborate, many of the people who pursue high quality life choose Europe type furniture. The collocation of Europe type furniture style want enough to more perfectly reflects the characteristic of Europe type furniture. The maintenance of Europe type furniture cannot careless, delicate furniture needs more meticulous service. European furniture explanation: European furniture maintenance to avoid direct sunlight while winter sun is no longer violent, but long time insolation and is inherently, dry climate, woodiness is too dry, cracks and local fade easily. Prevent dust annatto, teak, oak, walnut is commonly used in making the comparison of high-grade log furniture have elegant carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration, such as not clean regularly ash, tiny cracks easily affect beautiful, sulphuric acid and dust is to let the wooden furniture 'older' killer quickly. Keep moist wooden furniture furniture moist simply can't light with wet dishcloth to wipe, but should choose the furniture of a professional nursing essential oil, can lock the moisture in wood, prevent weather-shack wood deformation, nourish the wood at the same time, by inside and outside the woodiness furniture replay, prolong the service life of furniture. Well above is small make up explain for everybody, Europe type furniture maintenance skills, I hope everyone can do as the small make up above said, because the European furniture after the heart to maintain, only when you can make it beautiful last longer.
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