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Europe type furniture brand on the market types of small home appliance is too much, which is practical?

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

french country furniture brand now science and technology so developed, on the market of small appliances is also more and more, in so many kinds of complex, what is practical to use don't feel like a waste of money?

1, the first intelligent speakers. My home have two paragraphs, but commonly used is a double tenth last year one treasure above 99 yuan of XX elves. I initially got high expectations for this thing no, but after held it found that listening to music, read a book, or check what express, set the alarm clock is not too good, just wake up, want to hear what you say, basic can be met. And only 99 yuan, less than a grandpa MAO, then give my parents bought a, my dad is now sitting on the couch all day stretching his legs use it to listen to the crosstalk and ballad, don't how to play the computer games, back to my house cat put various ( Strange) Animals, although the cat didn't understand.

2, millet a few intelligent small products, such as induction lights and cameras. Induction lamp my house there is a bed foot, the dark night to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when they really need. The light is soft, not only can bring light feeling, but also can give a person the psychological comfort. Weakness is sometimes not very sensitive to deliberate the waves or stamping a waste.

camera at first bought primarily to & other; Rape visual & throughout; When I am not at home during the day, the cat in how & other; A lich & throughout; . Later, the cat was not at home, the camera is idle for a long time, now considering do you want to install the door to the outside, because home to steal together express event happened recently, I think the door security cameras, at least there will be a sense of security. Millet camera defect is clear, however, if you need to record video down to buy card, and the network is really too card, and also to ridicule the app really is not working.

3, vacuum cleaners, although not a intelligent home appliance, but still want to recommend a net red product dyson vacuum cleaner. I buy is V8, enough for the average family. Because considering to nail a nail on the wall, so there is no hang buy to, dorje is charge on the ground at ordinary times, my house is not big, so not a power enough. You say more than a few hundred dollars of cleaner and more clean, also not, but the whole thing with it really can make people sick pleasure. And send the conversion head, is also quite useful, especially on the bed and the corner of the two. This is my home now with a lot of a product, use frequency to twice a week. Another is that dyson blower is really useful.

4, philips electric toothbrush and dental unit suits. The price of small expensive. One thousand yuan. But the toothbrush is really clean, especially blunt water dental unit and dental floss, four file stream, the residue in the teeth down. And the teeth before encounter cold hot sweet and sour pain is very wrong with gradually gone, breath is pure and fresh.

5, the bear meat grinder. The artifact is making dumplings steamed stuffed bun, can mince, ground, no longer mincing machine does not know what ground have meat in the supermarket, a minute good heave, want to wring more follow one's inclinations. And I hate chop vegetables, chopped hand acid also uneven, with the meat grinder, and less than a minute. I used to get half a day, making dumplings right now, soon finished stuffing, vegetables meat evenly, taste better.

6, electric cooker. A treasure to buy 99 yuan, purple sand, stew things absolutely too good, especially the tremella peach gum honeylocust child what supplements or porridge, bubble after put in, good need not tube, with insulation, stew on evening, morning you can eat, it is convenient.

7, spit the driver. Up in the morning he put two pieces of bread, delicious brown bread test good, for a while with a Fried egg milk, a breakfast.

8, and the electric. Fried egg, shredded cake, Fried chicken wings, do Fried dumpling, pancakes super powerful, absolute kitchen is small.

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