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Europe type furniture brand is worth relying on, different private custom furniture size all right

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

Mr Citizens chapter recently met a trouble, himself a well-known household shop in guangzhou custom wardrobe, what all, only to find that after the arrival of the chest size is wrong, & other; Where is now my house is very messy, is to let people worry ah. ” Household shop is one-stop service, the said, now the goods size is not right to its life into trouble, home store should bear all responsibilities.

custom furniture is over size

yesterday afternoon, reporters came to Mr Zhang is located in tianhe district huangpu avenue, the home of an elevator and saw a pile of furniture, open the door, a few in addition to the pile of clothes in the bedroom, and a new wardrobe on the ground. Reporter saw, the wardrobe from the ceiling has a large distance.

when it comes to the experience, Mr Zhang was annoyed & other; Because my family's old wardrobe is embedded, so I just want to only custom. ” After he and his family to the shang pin home delivery household shop of choose and buy, after determine the style of commodity is advantageous for the signed sales contract on November 9. Last week he gave 22000 yuan in accordance with the stipulations of the contract payment all square, on December 10th, chest was sent to the home, master installation is to install the next day. Chapter, says Mr To their unexpected is, custom wardrobe incredibly wrong size, and three wardrobe all wrong, & other; I'll call them at the time, but the site does not act, the master went away. ” Because the house is a mess, starting from Sunday, Mr Zhang family can only be moved to the hotel to stay. Its said that oneself has complained to the Ministry of Commerce and industry, will then consider the judicial rights.

on this matter, shang pin home delivery companies involved staff miss hu said that the event is indeed a designer working error caused by, & other; His family's old wardrobe is no floors below, we split it out just know, so the size of the original amount is wrong. ” Its said, the company has according to the new size on the production of the new cabinet, can arrive on Sunday, installation, & other; Then our manager will go to apologize face to face. ” As for Mr Chapter puts forward other compensation, it said, will further communicate with customers and specific results to be decided by the company.

lawyer: can claim reasonable compensation

to this, the legal system of sheng law firm lawyers, said Deng Gang consumers pay the full payment for goods, in accordance with the stipulations of the contract businesses should be accurate and timely to provide goods and services, the cases, vendors have no objection for work error, you should make up for the fault as soon as possible. So what life does bring inconvenience and trouble to consumers, consumers on the one hand would like to ask the store within a reasonable period of time complete the transaction, on the other hand can also impact of the event claim reasonable compensation, while businesses are going to have the right amount of compensation. Deng Gang said if both sides talks things over, consumers can complain to the Ministry of Commerce and industry on the one hand, on the other hand can also walk activist judicial channels.

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