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Europe type furniture appropriate maintenance, durable

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-04
Europe type furniture is the art of appreciating, is also a process of high-quality goods, have high quality guarantee. This let the consumer in the feast for the eyes at the same time, use rise more comfortable also. But even if again good quality, use for a long time also need proper maintenance, then Europe type furniture how to maintain? Today small make up for this problem is to give everybody to do the introduction. The room ventilation, too dry or wet accelerated aging. Sofa is not in direct sunlight place, also do not put in air conditioning blows directly to the place. When wiping sofa, can't use alkaline cleaning fluid, it can make the leather flexible, chap. Leather furniture most afraid of be stained with greasy dirt or scratches, when cleaning, do not direct water, can use dry cloth dipped in special leather cleaner wipe gently. For families with pets or children, especially be careful of the cat, the dog paw or kids with sharp objects in the furniture surface scratches. Coriaceous sofa maintain the key lies in the dermis breath, so to clean regularly to keep the pores on the surface of the leather is not blocked by dirt, scrub when can dip in with pure cotton or silk after wet wipe gently, can also use after rub-up be spray or wax polish again to keep them clean. If accidentally stained with oil stains, usable dip in pure cotton cloth, towel amount neutral soap water to wipe, then use dry cloth blot, please do not direct water scrub. After clean leather sofa, can be sprayed on special leather cleaner, wiped many times repeatedly with silks, prevent aging cortex. As long as everyone in this way to maintain their usual purchase of furniture, small make up believe these furniture in a dozen years later still like just bought also, well that's about how shall we maintain the european-style furniture, the introduction of small make up hope this article can bring you some help.
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