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Europe type furniture: all show furniture of Europe type style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-02
European culture rich artistic background, distinguished domestic outfit style has always been a people audience love and pursuit. In villa decoration furniture, European classical furniture, parquet carved jindu meticulous, noble, luxurious impression to the person, the European classical luxury furniture compared with other style furniture and what are the characteristics? Today the small make up of Europe type furniture to give friends do a answer! The pure european-style furniture generally refers to the royal family, noble with handmade furniture. Each handmade furniture is alive, every piece of furniture is bearing the weight of the traces of past history. As a result, the style of the furniture after hundreds of years of change, still stick to the characteristics of the traditional European classical furniture. 1. Line is complex, attaches great importance to the carver's luxury furniture: baroque furniture has a heavy and complicated and exquisite carving decorative pattern; Though rococo furniture also very the attention carver, but a softer line becomes some; Renaissance type furniture at the same time line is concise, harmonious proportion of the facade, And line is more lively and some of the new classic furniture, mainly applique to render that stick a skin texture; Gothic furniture lines more sharp and strong. 2. Preference luxury furniture of bright color, especially the baroque furniture colour is very strong, which gives priority to color with golden, multi-purpose gold plated or gold to decorate, appear glittering; Rococo furniture color is relatively soft, cream-colored, white pattern is the main color; New classic furniture colour is to warm color department, such as the original wood color, deep red, etc. Ok that is widely introduced in the small make up for the friends of Europe type furniture, information about the European classical style furniture, small make up hope this article can bring you some help.
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