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【 Dry goods. Solid wood sofa of choose and buy four tips

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-04

solid wood sofa of choose and buy four tips

a: need size

good home sitting room size, aware of how solid wood sofa you need. Generally, common in the market place 1 + 2 + 3 combination of a sofa and sofa, two, three, the imperial concubine, l-shaped sofa and so on. If you need other size, can ask the factory made.

2: need material

solid wood sofa is the main cost of the wood raw material prices and designers design cost, choose the material, the more precious, to make the sofa of the higher price. Consumers without professional knowledge, can have such a principle, the hardness is higher, the wood grain of lumber, the more beautiful, usually the price also is higher. Rare rosewood, rose wood, nanmu wood, etc. , these high-grade wood is Chinese classical furniture, the common material in the market has been hard to find. More valuable timber imports, ash, wood, teak, rosewood, rosewood, chicken wing wood, merbau, ebony, beech, maple, red sandalwood, oak, etc. Other than ordinary wood rubber wood, northeast China ash, meranti, pine, fir, paulownia wood, elm, oak wood, etc.

3: surface paint

the greatest benefit of solid wood french country furniture is not the formaldehyde of board type french country furniture, so the real wood french country furniture is environmental protection, the most important is to check it use paint. Ask factory paint brand clearly, go online to see whether the paint environmental protection paint, etc.

4: warranty card

although solid wood sofa is strong, generally do not have any quality problem, but in order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of our, must require products have warranty card. So, one thousand out of the question, the warranty is a certificate.

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